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Jamestown 1607

Facts about Jamestown during year of 1607

Why did England want to establish an American colony? Increase its wealth and power
What did England hope to find in America? Gold and Silver
An American settlement could ship what back to England? Raw materials like tobacco.
Jamestown was primarily an _________. Economic venture (money-making)
Who financed the settlement of Jamestown? Stockholders of the Virginia Company of London.
What year was Jamestown established? 1607
Jamestown was the first _______. Permanent English settlement in North America
Who granted the charters to the Virginia Company of London? The Kind of England (King James I)
What did the charters do for Jamestown? Permission to establish a settlement, and extend English rights to the settlers.
Where was Jamestown located? On a peninsula jutting out into the James River.
Where is Jamestown located today? On an island in the James River. A storm changed the peninsula into an island.
Why did the settlers go inland to find a suitable place for Jamestown? The location could be easily defended from attack by sea. (Spanish)
Why was the Jamestown peninsula good for ships? The water along the shore was deep enough to dock ships.
How were the settlers mistaken about the water? They thought they had a good supply of fresh drinking water at Jamestown.
What was a hardship faced by the settlers? The site was marshy and lacked safe drinking water.
What was a 2nd hardship faced by the settlers? The settlers lacked skills necessary to provide for themselves.
What happened to many of the settlers? Died of starvation and disease.
Name one change that resulted in survival. The arrival of supply ships into Jamestown.
Captain John Smith demonstrated strong leadership by _________. His forced work program. (No work, no eat)
Instead of looking for gold and silver, what did the colony begin to concentrate on? Emphasis on agriculture (farming)
Captain John Smith initiated (began) ___________ with the native people? Trading relationships between the colonists and the Indians.
The native people traded food for what? Tools, pots, and copper for jewelry.
Powhatan, Chief of many tribes, taught the settlers ___________. Survival skills
What did Pocahontas, daughter of Powhatan, do for Jamestown? Served as a contact between the native people and the English
The native people showed the settlers how to ________________. Plant corn and tobacco
Over time, the Indians saw the settlers were staying, and came to see the settlers as ____. Invaders who would take over their land
Created by: Albert4th