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Marco Polo italy route to asia, prove other side of world first eurpoen to magndia, kicked started exploration yes
Christopher Columbus SPain trade routes to india cape of good hope, first to sail to tip of Asia yes/no
Vascoda Gama Portagol trade routes to india, power found all of Africa then to Inida yes
Ferdinand Megallan Portagol circle the globe showed world is round, named pacific ocean yes/no
AMerigo Vespucci SPain sail to new world, find& map new lands yes
Vaso nunez de balboa spain wanted gold,slaves,fame, cross hymns of pananma yes/no
Hernan Cortez spain wealth,fame, land conquered the aztec empire yes/no
John Cabot england shorter route to asia, wealth fame landed in canada, claim land for england yes/no
Fransico Pizzaro Spain wealth,fame,land, spread Christianity conquered peru and founded capoitol lima yes/no
Juan Pn de Leon spain find foundation of youth dearched for it in florida yes/no
Samuel de Champlain France wealth,fame,land, northwest passage wanted to live with the settlement quebec in canada yes
Hernando de soto spain explore new world for gold,northwest passage explored mississippi area yes/no
Henry Hudson england/dutch northwest passage started nyc, river and bay named after him yes/no
Fansico Coronado Spain wealth and fame, 7 cities of gold search sw USA, 7 cites of gold yes/no
Sir Fransis Drake England search nw passage, expand trade,establish settlement claimed land for england(oregon), raided spanish settlements
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