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geology the study of how the Earth was formed
barrier island created after a river abandons is delta; they support a diversity of wildlife
brackish mixture of fresh and salt water
coastal plain relatively low, flat region, built up by river sediment
coastal marsh wet grassland formed by river sediment deposited along the coast
delta forms when a river flows into an ocean
flood plain serves as a reservoir to hold excess water when the river floods
natural levee elevated land along the river bank created by floods
meander Louisiana rivers wind across the floodplain in a looping and curving pattern (snake)
oxbow lake cresent or horse shoe shaped, formed when a river floods
reservoirs manmade lake
high relief hilly land
Atchafalya River longest distributary or the Mississippi River; the basin supplies 23 million pounds of crawfish per year
Pearl River forms boundary with Mississippi at the toes of the Louisiana boot
Pangea 250 million years ago, the worlds landmass was one giant continent. "all land"
continental shelf the edge of landmass where the Gulf's floor drops off into very deep water
cultural geography study of how people have interacted with, changed, and adapted to different places of Earth
Mississippi River fourth largest river in the world
Ouchita River begins in the mountains of Arkansas and runs through northeast Louisiana
Intercoastal Waterway 3,000 mile waterway that allows ships to go from Texas to Florida
population density the average number of people living within an area
salt dome ancient sea dried up, leaving a layer of salt and other minerals on the ocean floor exposed
sediment suspended particles of dirt and sand carried by rivers
geography the study of places, their locations, and their physical and human characteristics
low relief flat land
Red River 2nd longest river in Louisiana; has frequently change course
Sabine River forms the border between Texas and Louisiana
depression lake created when land sinks along a fault and fills with water
human environment interaction when humans interfere with nature
physical geography study of landforms, oceans, weather and climate
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