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APUSH Unit 2

Hawaii Perfect fit to Asia Cleveland "Investigates" McKinley approves Becomes a territory
McKinley Tariff Hurts Hawaiian sugar market Causes American Sugar planters in Hawaii to overthrow Queen Lilioukalani and ask the US for annexation
China Qing dynasty weakened --- Rebellions, lost the Sino-Japanese War Western Powers took advantage Russia, Japan, France, England, Germany --Exploited trade and business
TR and the Rough Riders He quit his job as assistant secretary of the navy Created band of volunteer soldiers to Cuba Get sick on the boat ride over- eating canned food from the Civil War Clear examples of how ill equipped America was for was Battle of San Juan Hill US win
McKinley' 1st Term and Beginning of 2nd Acquired: -Trade Abilities in China -Owned H, P, P-R, G TR as VP Defeat William Jennings Bryan Is assassinated in 1902
Empire Taking over other countries that then are united and ruled by one government
Territorial Empire Using an army to take over a country
Cultural Empire Using missionaries to try and Christianize
Economic Empire "You WILL trade with us"
Teller Amendment We are not going to take over Cuba, we are going to liberate them Be like the French in the American Revolution
Panama Canal TR's "crowning achievement" France was going to but they contracted yellow fever due to the mosquitoes Panama was a part of Colombia The price of the canal was too high when they were under Colombian rule Encouraged rebellion
"The Influence of Sea Power on History" Alfred T Mahan Those who have strong navys control the markets Future of US economy depended on a strong navy Influenced Congress
Philippine Government Act U.S. president appoints governor in the Philippines 1902
Speak softly and carry a big stick TR Say it nicely but with great force and intimidation
Theodore Roosevelt Common Man A lot of sadness Rich family environmentalist, Big Game Hunter, Cowboy Weak as a child U.S.is weak and needs a mission, and agenda, and needs to "bulk up" like TR did when he was younger
Clara Barton Angel of the Battlefield Santiago Cuba Gathered together nurses and doctors to aid the wounded soldiers in the Spanish American War
Imperialism The action of making an empire by taking other countries unequally(conquering, subjugating) ex. 13 colonies
Our Country Josiah Strong Americans need to christianize and help the "weaker countries" WHITE MAN'S BURDEN
Jingoism Extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy Internal economic dominance AND external economic dominance/ expansions
Social Darwinism Survival of the strongest race Societies best suited for life would succeed Ex. Fredrick Jackson Turner, TR, Henry Cabot Lodge
General "Butcher" Weyler 150,000 troops sent to Cuba Only innocent are sent to the concentration camps Scare, torture, malnutrition 200,000 deaths
Yellow Journalism eye catching headlines Little reasearch or fact Hearst-- Journal Pulitzer-- World
Admiral George Dewey Battle of Manila Bay Surprise attack on the Spanish fleet in the Philippines Away from the homeland Then to Spain's fleet in Cuba and invade Puerto Rico
Platt Amendment US is Cuba's virtual protectorate -cannot make treaty w/ foreign nation that impairs independence -Cannot contract excessive public debt -Allowed to preserve order -99 year naval base
USS Maine Havana Harbor 1898 Protect US business Exploded 266 soldiers die Blame Spain Amo next to boiler room, fire in ammo-- BOOM
Roosevelt Corollary Expands on the Monroe Doctrine We are the police of the Western Hemisphere `
DeLome Letter McKinley is weak, ill fit, cowardly
Great White Fleet Modern steel nave Painted white for intimidation Worldwide tour
John Hay Secretary of State Demanded China keep and open door policy US wants "most favored nation" status
White man's burden Social Darwinism Help other countries to become more like us Get rid of world problems Spread democracy and Christianity Get resources in return
Buena-Varilla Treaty Maintain Panama's independence Get land to build a canal Right to bring in Navy
Anti-Imperialist League Against DOI and Constitution Fear of Chea p foreign labor and products (competition) Failed by 1 vote to prevent ratification of the Spanish treaty Jennings Bryan's defeat "eroded anti-imperialism cause"
Philippine Insurrection Pres. Aguinaldo General Francisco Makabulos Guerilla warfare Filipinos in concentration camps many dead
Boxer Rebellion Anti western uprisings set people on fire White man's burden
Dollar Diplomacy Taft Not aggressive foreign policy Pay off other countries debts so that they owe us
Created by: alengner