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Imperialism The practice of extending a nations power by gaining territories for a colonial empire
Bayonet constitution A constitution the king of hawii was forced to sign which severely restricted his power and deprived most Hawiians of voting
Lilivokani Queen of Hawii who opposed annexation by the United States
Stanford pole American sugar tycoon helped overthrow the queen
Sphere of influence An area where foreign control trade or natural resources of another nation of area
Open door policy A policy established by U.S. To promote equal access for all nations to trade in china
Boxer rebellion A siege of a foreign settlement in Beijing by Chinese nationalists who were angry at foreign involvement in china
Russo-Japanese war A war with Russia and Japan over Manchuria
Battle of San suan hill battle in the Spanish-American War in which 8,000 U.S. soldiers fought to seize control over San Juan Hill
Jose Marti Cuban writer and independence fighter; he was killed in battle but became a symbol of Cuba’s fight for freedom.
William Randolph Hearst Published New York Journal newspaper American journalist; he was famous for sensational news stories, known as yellow journalism, that stirred feelings of nationalism and formed public opinion for the Spanish-American War.
Joseph Politzer Published the New York world newspaper merican journalist and newspaper publisher; he established the Pulitzer Prize for public service and advancement of education.
Yellow journalism the reporting of exaggerated stories in newspapers to increase sales
De lome letter letter written by Spain's minister to the United States that was published in a major newspaper; the letter ridiculed President McKinley and outraged many American
George Dewey Commander of the U.S. Navy’s Asiatic Squadron; he led the attack in the Pacific during the Spanish-American War.
Emilio hcuinoldo Leader of a rebel army of Filipino patriots Self-proclaimed President of the new Philippine Republic in 1899; he fought for Filipino independence from the United States.
Rough riders cavalry regiment organized by Theodore Roosevelt; consisted of college athletes, cowboys, ranchers, miners, and Native Americans
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