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whose idea did the Progressive party adopt? Populists
Which amendment legalized income tax instead of land tax? 16th Amendment
Which amendment allowed people to elect their U.S. Senators? 17th Amendment
What is the Interstate Commerce Act? Efforts by Congress to regulate big business
Define Urbanization? Taking the characteristics of a city
Why are people moving into the city? Jobs
What are the principles of the Social Gospel Movement? Charitable teachings
What is the Meat Inspection Act? Provides inspection of meat before and after it is slaughtered.
Muckraker? Journalists who exspose social conditions and political corruption.
Who was the president of the National Women Suffurage Association? Susan B. Anthony
Who wanted AA to have equal rights? W.E.B Dubois
Who wrote the Jungle? Upton Sinclair
Who wanted to preserve or conserve natural resources? Teddy Roosevelt
Who created the Hull House? Jane Addams
What did the Hull House do? Aided urban poor
What is the right of citizens to place a measure or issue before the voters or legislature for approval? Initiative
What is the right that enables voters to remove unsatisfactory elected officials form office? Recall
What is letting voters accept or reject a measure proposed by the legislature? Referendum
What is a vote held by all members of a political party to decide their political candidate for office? Direct Primary
What Act declared monopolies and trusts to be illegal? Sherman Antitrust Act
What Act promoted fair industrial competition? Clayton Antitrust Act
What Act set up the central banking system of the U.S.? Federal Reserve Act
What can the Federal Reserve do? issue currency
What happened in the Triangle Shirtwaist Tragedy? Fire broke out and workers couldn't escape; this led to fire safety codes
What happened during Plessy vs Ferguson? A man 1/8 black got on a white train and expsosed himself so he was arrested;this led to "separate but equal"
What did the Keating Owen Act do? tried to abolish child labor
Who tried to help abolish child labor? Mother Jones
What did the Progressives believe was the problem in the U.S.? abuse of industrial urbanization
What did the Food and Drug Act do for consumers? Helped protect and keep them safe
What did W.E.B Dubois try to focus on AA? political freedom
What did Brooker T. Washtington try to focus on AA? encouraged achieving economic goals before dealing with politial and legal issues
What did Ida B. Wells try to focus on AA? against lynching
What did the poll taxes, grandfather clause and literacy tests do? prevented blacks from voting
What did William Taft do? Against Trusts and known for Anti-trust law suits
What president put his efforts toward conservation? Teddy Roosevelt
What amendment banned alcohol? 18th Amendment
What was the role of the government during the progressive movement? active in carrying out reforms
What Act required people appointed to government posts to pass civil service exams? Pendleton Civil Act
What Act gave Native Americans, that were born in the U.S., full citizenship? American Indian Citizenship Act
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