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Ch 16 Nauman

review for test

64 nations formed this group Kellog Brand Pact
he led the revolt in Spain Franco
These 2 sponsored the revolt in Spain Hitler and Mussoline
brown shirts SA
black shirts SS
felt the US should not be involved in foreign affairs isolationists?
first country that Hitler took was Austria
2 boys in the movie who joined the Hitler youth program Peter and Thomas
politically speaking Hitler was a facist
this ship was sunk on the Yangtee river, which is in China USS Panay
this country sunk the ship on the Yangtee river Japan
this guy in the movie was beaten by the Hitler Youth Program Arvid
how many years did Hitler rule Germany? 12
Hitler was master of Europe for how many years? 4
How many years was Hitler sentenced to prison? 5
How long did Hitler actually spend in prison? 9 months
What was the name of the book Hitler wrote? Mein Kampf
the book Hitler wrote was his what? plan
Before Hitler Germany was in a state of what? depression
Who was president before Hitler took over? Hindenberg
What kind of music were the Nazis against? swing
The music the Nazis were against were produced by what 2 groups? Jewish and blacks
The neutrality Acts declared the US would not sell weapons
The Neutrality Act would not give what 2 things loans or credit
what type of government was set up in the French city? puppet
German dive bomber stuka
What French city set up a government? Vichy
What country did HItler sign the non aggression pact with Russia
German word for tank panzer
This was established for parents to visit children who had been removed to the countryside for safety Cheap days
What does NAZI stand for? National Socialist German Workers Party
The Battle of Britain was won by RAF
What did the US sell to Japan? scrap
2 products Japan needed to make war? iron ore and oil
4 things Hitler assumed about the German people 1. shared his view 2. right to best land 3. right to best military 4. support him for anything
3 parts to Fascism state more important than you, strong central govt., dictator has absolute power
3 parts to blitzkrieg paratroopers and bombers, tanks and infantry, mechanized vehicles and infantry
painting over windows of trains and homes blackout
What did the British pilots use very effectively when defending the skies over England radar
Why did Hitler sign the nonagression pact? to avoid a 2 front war
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