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Vocabulary from our unit on the 13 colonies!

Contract A legal agreement
Varied Different
Slave Traders People who bought and sold slaves
VIllages Small towns
Rely To depend on
Predominantly Mostly
Passage Trip
Labor Work
Artisan A craftsman (Ex.- Blacksmith, Cobbler, Carpenter)
Timber Wood
Social life Fun
Separatists People who want to go away from the main group
Politics Government
Civics Government
Plantation Huge farm, usually found in the South, usually containing slaves
Naval Supplies Things used on the water (Ex.-Nets, Anchors)
Moderate In the middle
Market Towns Towns with a marketplace for people to meet and do business
Livestock Animals raised on a farm (Ex.-Horses, Pigs, Cows)
Jagged Rough
Indigo A plant used to make a purple dye
Indentured Servants People who agreed to work for someone in the colonies for a certain period of time, in exchange for a free trip to the colonies
Terrain Land
Diverse Different/Varied
Persecution Punishment/Bully-ment
Interference When something is in your way/An obstacle
Economic Venture Something that you do to make money
Debtor Someone who owes money
Created by: hankinson_clore