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Nativity- History

Review for history final

Earth used to have just one large continent called Pangea
the land bridge that brought humans to the americas was called the Beringia Strait
humans are classified as homosapiens
the two branches of homosapiens are chromagnon and neandrithals
in 1492 _______ came to America Columbus
visited china and came back to Europe to persuade fellow Europeans to trade with china Marco Polo
King Henry VIII started the Church of England
King Henry VIII separated because he wanted to divorce Cathering of Aragon
Queen Elizabeth's cousin James
1st European settlement in America Jamestown
Jamestown was started in 1607
1619 firsts for Jamestown house of burgesses, 1st boatload of women, 1st boatload of African Americans
divine right when a ruler believes that his right and power to rule was from God
Southern Colonies Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina
Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania
New England Colonies Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Conneticut, and New Hampshire
the French and Indinan War was fought over land
The ___ Indians fought with the British Iroquois
_____ won the French and Indian War British
British have war costs therefore ___ tax colonies
three firebrands Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine
great orator Patrick Henry
great writer Thomas Paine
rebel rouser Samuel Adams
things that made the colonies mad Stamp Tax, Tea Tax, and Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"
"Shot heard round the world" Lexington
Green Mountain Boys Leader Ethan Allen
three goals of the Declaration of Independence name natural liberties, tell George what he was doing wrong, declare independence from England
first time colonists tried to make peace Olive Branch Petition
author of D. of I. Thomas Jefferson
British Generals Lord Cornwallis, Billy Howe, Johnny Burgoyne
famous French general Marquis de Lafayette
France joined the war after Saratoga
"Father of the Constitution" James Madison
1st president John Handson
first constitution for us Articles of Confederation
youngest Constitutional delegate James Madison
oldest delegate Benjamin Franklin
the southern states signed the constitution only because of the Bill of Rights
presidents 1-7 Washington, Adams, Madison, Monroe, Quincy Adams, Jackson
presidents 8-15 Van Buran, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanen
presidents 16-25 Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison, Cleveland, McKinnley
compromise for the incoming states Missouri Compromise of 1820
Writer of Uncle Tom's Cabin Harrient Beecher Stowe
trusted black man by Lincoln Frederick Douglas
Lincoln ran against Stephen Douglass
when lincoln was elected, the Southern states ___ seceded
1st republican president Abraham Lincoln
triumpherate Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John C. Calhoun
Henry Clay great compromiser (W)
Daniel Webster great speaker against slaver (N)
John C. Calhoun believed in States Rights (S)
confederate general Robert E. Lee
underground railroad conductor Harriet Tubman
Stonewall Jackson died at Chancellorsville
battle fought in North Gettysburg
bloodiest battle of war Antietam
southern "gold" tobacco
constitution ratified 1787
capital of the Confederacy and Virginia Richmond
president of the confederacy Jefferson Davis
___ surrendered to Grant Robert E. Lee
Lee surrendered on ___ at ___ April 9, 1865; Appomatix Courthouse
13th ammendment no slavery
14th ammendment equal protection for all
15th ammendment everyone can vote
Lincoln shot on April 14, 1865
Lincoln shot by John Wilkes Booth
veto president's power to reject a bill
Freedman's Bureau an organization formed to help rebuild the South
radical extreme
presidential reconstruction Johnson trying to rebuild south
congressional reconstruction soldiers sent south to help keep peace
black codes laws created to intimidate blacks
immigrant person from a foreign country
civil rights laws laws that said what was fair
antebellum time period after civil war
carpetbaggers people who went south to help
Samuel Clemmens Mark Twain
Vanderbilt railroad business
Alexander Graham Bell transfered sound waves
Thomas Edison light bulb
Katy Stantin Susan B. Anthony's sidekick
J.P. Morgan banker
Carnigie steel business
Leland Stanford transcontinental railroad
Ida B. Wells wrote about black equality
Booker T. Washington said blacks should compete in the white world
W.E.B. Dubois we should not compromise and follow our conscience
Jim Crow made up character used to dehumanize blacks
Plecy vs. Furgison separate but equal
Rockafeller oil business
muckrackers people who exposed wrongs in the U.S.
WWI president Woodrow Wilson
pandemic disease influenza
prohibition no drinking
19th ammendment women can vote
Red Scare U.S. afraid of communist Russia
Charlse Lindbergh first transatlantic flight
musical genre purly American jazz
as an american country, what are five things to be ashamed of? slavery, heroshima/nagasaki, grouping the Taliban with Muslims, use death penalty, and internment camps
What makes you proud to be an American? first democratic government, you can ammend the bill of rights, strive for equality for all, free public education, and we send aid to people in other countries to strive for world peace (e.g. food to Burma victims)
women can vote in 1920
judge who convicted Susan B. Anthony Judge Ward Hunt
WWI allies Britian, France, Russia, Japan, and Italy
WWI central powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey
day after WWI called Armistice Day
Axis powers of WWII Japan, Italy, and Germany
WWII allies United States, England, and Soviet Russia
Pearl Harbor date December 7, 1941
D-Day Date June 6, 1944
one of first reformers of early Catholic church Martin Luther, 95 thesis, protestants
Magna Carta treaty between kings and lourdes, 1215, after Big Schism
king during Revolutionary War King George
who said "in the name of great Jahova" and then attacked Ticonderoga Ethan Allen
3 branches of government legislative, judicial, and executive
debates over representation solved with the Conneticut Compromise
did farming increase or decrease in US history decrease
Moby Dick by Herman Melville
On Walden Pond Henry David Thoreau
Lousana Purchase 1803, Thomas Jefferson
Dred Scott case results said "slaves are property" and it led to the fugitive slave law
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