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Study Guide for American History test over Article I of the Constitution

What are the SIX reasons the Constitution was established? Form a more perfect union, Establish justice, Promote the general welfare, Insure domestic tranquility, Provide for the common defense, Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity
What are the two parts that make up the Congress? House of Representatives, Senate
How often are elections for the House of Representatives? Every second year, (every other year or every two years)
How long is the term for a person elected to the House of Representatives? two years
What are the three qualifications a person must have to be a Representatives? 25 years old, citizen of the US for 7 years, live in the state they will represent
Representatives are divided (apportioned) according to what? According to the population of the state
How are slaves counted when determining the population of a state? as 3/5 of a person
What power does the House of Representatives have that no other branch of government has? the power to impeach
How many Senators are there? TWO from every state
How long is the term of office for a US Senator? 6 years
What are the three qualifications a person must have to be a Senator? 30 years old, citizen of the US for 9 years, live in the state they will represent
Who holds the title of "President of the Senate"? Vice-President of the United States
When is the only time the President of the Senate gets to vote? When there is a tie vote, they get to break the tie
What power does the Senate have that no other branch of government has? the power to try all impeachments (hold a trial)
In an impeachment trial, how many Senators must agree for the person being impeached to be convicted (found guilty)? two-thirds or 67%
Members of Congress CANNOT be arrested while... in attendance at their session of the House or Senate <or> going to, or returning from, a session of the House or Senate
Members of Congress CANNOT be arrested for... any speech they give in the House or Senate or anything they say in a debate in the House or Senate
What are the THREE exceptions to the rule about members of Congress NOT being arrested while traveling to, or attending, the sessions of their Houses? The members can be arrested for Treason, Felonies, or Breach of the Peach, regardless of where they are.
All bills for raising revenue (taxes) must begin in the... House of Representatives
What must happen to a bill that passes both the House and Senate before it can become a law? The President must sign the bill for it to become a law.
What is it called when the President refuses to sign a bill passed by the House and Senate? VETO
What do the House of Representatives and the Senate have to do to OVERRIDE a Presidential veto? Two-thirds of the House and two-thirds of the Senate must vote to override the veto and then the bill will become a law over the objections of the President.
To execute (carry out) the powers given to Congress by the Constitution, Congress has the power to make... all laws which are NECESSARY AND PROPER
In order to get votes for the new Constitution from Southerners, the Constitution stated that Congress would not be able to stop the importing of slaves ("such persons") until... 1808
What is a WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS? An order by the Court to bring a prisoner to court to determine whether, or not, they are being imprisoned lawfully or whether they should be released from custody
What are the only reasons why the writ of habeas corpus can be suspended? Rebellion or Invasion
Created by: ColbyHistory