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SS Ch 2 - NA of NA

Native Americans of North America

Lodge Large, round hut built by plain Indians
Teepee Dwelling built by Plain Indians made of poles and buffalo skin
Travois Sled made up of poles tied together, used by Native Americans
Powwow Native American ceremony that includes dancing and games
Tribe group of families under one leadership
Reservation land set aside by government for Native Americans
Potlatch a party at which the host gives guests gifts
How did the Iroquois League make decisions? They all got together in a group of up to 50 representatives,called the Great Council, to make decisions and the high chiefs made decisions
How did the tribes of the Eastern Woodlands use natural resources to support themselves? They cut down trees to build houses, and they hunted animals for food.
Explain the point of view of the Degannawidah and Hiawahtha. They both wanted to work together for peace.
Where do the Iroquois live today? The live south of Syracuse, NY on the Onondaga reservation
How did the travois help move goods? The Indians would have horses pull the travois filled with their goods.
In what ways did the arrival of the horse change the way of life for the tribes of the Great Plains? They used to use dogs to pull their travoises, but then used the horse because it was so much bigger and stronger, they could do double the work in half the time. The could also hunt better, faster, safer riding horses.
If you were a leader among the Cheyenne, how might you decide when it was time to move the settlement to a new area? when the herd of buffalo that we hunt moved, or when the weather was bad
Where are the Cheyenne reservations located today Many Cheyenne live in present day Montana
How were the Hopi villages governed? they were governed by Hopi men
How were kachinas honored in Hopi ceremonies? they were honored by using them for learning the Hopi religion
shaman important person in the Kwakiutl culture, a person people came to when there were not feeling well. Native American doctor or healer
wampum belt made out of shells or pebbles
cultural region area in which people with similar cultures live
What kind of dwellings did the various Native American groups live in? teepee, longhouse, lodge
What did the Iroquois use their tree resources for? for building houses and making fires
Compare the roles of men and women in Hopi villages the men governed, the women danced
What kind of natural resources were available to the Northwest Coast Indians? pine trees, Puget Sound
Why did the Northwest Coast people give to potlatches? to celebrate the building of a new house, to show their wealth
What did shamans do to help people? performed dancing ceremonies with masks in order to heal sick people.
How much has the Kwakiuti population declined over the centuries? by 11,000
totem pole a carved post with animals or other images representing a person's ancestors
Pueblo Spanish word for village
Oraibi Hopi village built on a mesa
Potlatch "to give away"
league Union of people or groups
longhouse building used for shelter by Iroquois
Great Plains region in the Central North America, east of the Rocky Mountains and extending from Canada to Texas
Iroquois Trail trail that linked the lands of the Iroquois league extended from present day Albany to Buffalo
Southwest Desert Area in Southwestern North America that was home to many Native Americans such as the Hopi, Zuni, and Pima.
Where did the Hopi and Zuni live? southwest desert, today they live in Arizona
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