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5th Grade Reconstruction

what is a farming system where plantation owners contract to share crop-profits with former slave who did most of the labor is called sharecropping
_____________ is the time period after the civil war of rebuilding the south and reuniting it with the north reconstruction
the ____________________ was a federal agency established by congress to provide food,education, and medical care to freed slaves in the south. freedman's bureau
laws passed in the south after reconstruction enforcing the segregation of blacks and whites are called ____________. jim crow laws
under andrew johnson's plan for reconstruction, southern states created_____________ to limit the rights of african americans. black codes
southerners who supported the ideas of the northern republican where given the negative name______________. scalawags
a group of confederate soldiers know as the ________________ was started in the south to intimidate african americans by using violence. KKK
the ________/________ wanted to punish the southern states for seceding the union and starting the civil war. congress/radical republicans
northerners who moved south during reconstruction to start businesses were called _____________, because they often carried suitcases made of carpet. carpetbaggers
what is the main purpose of reconstruction? to rebuild the south,to reunite the north and south, and to protect the rights of freed slaves
what impact did lincoln's assassanation have on the reconstruction era? could not follow through reconstruction plans
where was lincoln assassinated? when 1865 at ford's theatre
what did the thirteenth amendment do? freed all slaves
what was the goal of the fourteenth amendment? to let all african americans be recognized as citizens and to provide equal protection of AA's rights
what right did the fifteenth amendment give to men? to vote
what years were considered the reconstruction era? 1865-1877
what were black codes? discriminated the rightds of african americans
why did black codes make congress unhappy? they wanted to help african-americans and that didn't help them at all
why was the freedman's bureau established and who did it help? provided food,schools,land and medical attention establishec to help african americans get their lives started again helped african americans
what is sharecropping and why was it necessary for african-americans to do this? farming system in south former slaves worked for plantation owners AA's just got freed have no money plantation owners had no workers owner gave housing and materials sharecroppers did work
what would a landowner give a sharecropper after the harvest? would sell crops and give sharecropper portion sharecropper usally in debt
what would generally become a sharecropper following the civil war? former slave
what were the names of the laws passed to segragate busses,hotels,resturants,schools and other public places? jim crow laws
what group used violence to intimidate african americans and others who supported their rights a.k.a. scalawags and carpetbaggers? KKK
what were the names of the northern men who went south for political/financial gain following the civil war? carpetbaggers
why did ex-slaves choose sharecropping jobs? they would have shelter,food and maybe some momey that is the only job they knew how to do
what was a scalawag? negative name given to white southerners who agreed with the northern republicans AA's should recieve equal rights
How were AA's prohibited from voting? KKK,poll tax, grandfather clause, literacy test,far away from lived
Created by: Hannah Driggers