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Bowser Am Hist 12

Militarism glorification of military strength
no-man's-land strip of bombed out territory that separated the trenches of opposing armies in WWI
trench warfare military strategy of defending a position by fighting from the protection of deep ditches
Franz Ferdinand The Archduke was heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was assassinated -start of the War
Gavrilo Princip Assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife
Allied Powers Britain, France, Russia,Italy
Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire Bulgaria
Convoy system use of armed vessels to escort unarmed merchant vessels transporting troops, supplies or volunteers
Sussex pledge German pledge not to sink liners without warning
Robert Lansing US Secretary of State that encouraged the trade of war materials with the Allies
National Defense Act almost doubled the number of soldiers in the regular army
Zimmerman Note Cable note sent from German foreign minister Zimmerman to Mexico proposing an alliance
Jeannette Rankin Representative from Montana who opposed the war
Selective Service Act required men between the ages of 18-45 to register with their local draft boards
John j Pershing Experienced General that lead the American Expeditionary Force to France
William McAdoo Secretary of the Treasury under President Wilson that declared anyone who did not support the bond effort was a friend of Germany
Food Administration war board that regulated the production and supply of food
Herbert Hoover appointed by Herbert Hoover to head the Food Administration
War Industries Board Coordinated all other boards
Bernard Baruch Director of the War Industries Board
National War Labor Board arbitrated disputes between workers and employers
Harriot Stanton Blatch she headed the Food Administration's Speakers'Bureau
Juliette Gordon Low Founder of the Girl scouts of America
Great Migration the movement of African Americans from the South to the North between 1915-1930
Committee of Public Information led a propaganda campaign to encourage Americans to support the war
Espionage Act Federal law that outlawed acts of treason during world war I
Sedition Act Federal Law during WWI that made written criticism of the government a crime
Bolsheviks Group of radical Russian socialists
Battle of the Argonne Forest Battle in which America suffered 120,000 casualties
Fourteen points Woodrow Wilson's plan for world peace
League of Nations International body designed to prevent offensive wars
Big Four United States, France, Italy, Great Britain
David Lloyd George British Prime minister-
Georges Clemenceau French Premier
Vittorio Orlando Italian Prime Minister
Treaty of Versailles Peace treaty that ended WWI
Henry Cabot Lodge Head of Senate Committee on Foreign relations, led the reservationists
Created by: gc_cook