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SS 6th Chapter 31

Legacies of Ancient Greece

Language and Literature Alphabet, Greek roots, Grammar, Punctuation, Paragraphing, Tragedies/Comedies, Historical Writings (Heroduotus & Thucydides)
Government Democracy, Trial by Jury
Medicine Diseases have natural causes, doctors should observe their patients, Hippocratic Oath (Hippocrates)
Understanding of the Body Names and descriptions of internal organs, Discovery that the heart pumps blood through the body, Discovery that the brain is the center of the nervous system
Mathematics Development of mathematical theories, New techniques for measuring shapes and spaces, Euclid's geometry textbook (Pythagoras, Euclid, Hypatia)
Astronomy Idea the Earth revolves around the sunday estimates of distances from Earth to the sun and moon, Naming of stars
Geography Use of stars to locate places on the Earth, Use of longitude and latitude, Maps that show the round Earth on a flat surface
Understanding of Plants and Animals Identification of plants and their parts, An understanding of how plants reproduce and their use as medicine, Classification of plants and animals (Aristotle)
Architecture Pediments, Frieze, Columns, Covered Porches
Theatre Seat arrangements, Special effects, Revolving scenery, Stories and Plays
Sports Olympic Games, Pentathlon
Created by: jmcmillen