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s.s. trimester3

final review ques.

athens capital of greece, an ancient city-state, north of sparta
peloponnesian war sparta and athens went to war for control of greece, 460-445 B.C.
upper-class athenian woman life revolved around home and family, married at 14 or 15 and expected to have children, supervised the household servants, stayed home, worked wool into cloth, spinning, dying and weaving could go to funerals or festivals only w/male
satraps an official who ruled a satrapy, meant "protector of the kingdom", acted as a tax collector, judge, chief of police,and head recruiter for the Persian army, answered to King
peninsula a body of land with water on three sides, (Greece)
Homer poet, wrote 1st epics- Iliad and Odyssey, promoted courage, honor, loyalty, and Heroes- role models
Socrates critic of Sophists, believed there was a right and wrong, created Socratic method of teaching influence the teachers, interact w/ students
Macedonia North of Greece, influenced by Greeks, 400 B.C. = powerful, city-states were united by Philip2
Zeus king of Gods, God of sky, rain, and lightning
Aristophanes created good comedies, made fun of politicians and scholars, included jokes
Created by: angiesthompson