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bowser AH chapt 8

bowser chapt 8

person in charge of a political machine Political boss
The reason political machines were created growing populations, need for public services
these people were often loyal supporters of political machines immigrants
a way a political machine gained more votes election fraud
Famous Democratic political machine in NY that would meet immigrants at Ellis Island Tammany Hall
The boss that worked out of Tammany Hall during its peak William Marcy Tweed
Political cartoonist that exposed the corruption in Tammany Hall Thomas Nast
A well liked boss in Kansas City James Pendergast
Boss in Wash.DC that financed expanded sewer and water systems, paved streets Alexander Shepard
Tammany Hall Boss that used "honest graft" to defend machine's actions George Washington Plunkitt
dealt with both Credit Mobilier and Whiskey ring scandals Ulysses S. Grant
refused to participate in mudslinging during his campaign Grover Cleveland
weakened Cleveland's reform efforts by re-implementing the spoils system Benjamin Harrison
Assassinated because Charles Guiteau thought that this would stop civil service reform James A Garfield
Garfield's vice president that was sympathetic to the reform efforts Chester A Arthur
Farmers organized this because of over supply, low prices and increasing debt National Grange
because of this system greenbacks were no longer redeemable for silver Gold standard
The level of government that the supreme court ruled could regulate interstate commerce National/Federal
The Grange's main purpose was to regulate this interstate Commerce
Challenged William McKinley for Pres. in 1896. also free silver supporter William Jennings Bryan
The acquisition of money or political power through illegal or dishonest means graft
Republicans that supported democrat Grover Cleveland in 1896 presidential campaign mugwumps
coined by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley in their book by the same name. referred to corruption in politics of the age Gilded Age
grange members formed these so they could pool their resources in order to buy and sell goods cooperatives
taxing those that have higher earnings at a higher rate graduated income tax
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