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ch. 1

7th grade, The First Americans

What goes first longitude or latitude? latitude
What are the 5 themes of geography? location, Place, Regions, Human environment interactions, movement
absolute location? uses coordinates of latitude and longitude
Relative location? describes a place in relation to another place
0* latitude? equator
90*north latitude? north pole
90* south latitude south pole
parallels are... latitude lines
meridians are... longitude lines
0* longitude prime merdian
What is the international dateline? a non straight although it mostly runs along 180*, it attempts to avoid land because it less confusing
place? the characteristics (physical/cultural) that make every location on earth unique
regions? areas that share something in common (physical/cultural)
human environment interactions? how people change environment change to help them survive and thrive
movement? when people move they also move their ideas and culture
carbon dating scientists measure the amount of radioactive carbon in an artifact that twas once alive
nomads person that moves from place to place
theocracy society governed by religious leaders
archaeology the study of ancient peoples
clan the Iroquois people people were organized into groups of related families
Quecha official language of the Inca empire
artifact tool, weapon, basket, or carving of early peoples
pueblo structure of stone and sun dried built by the Anasazi people
hieroglyphics symbols or pictures that represent things, ideas,and sounds
migration movement of a large number of people into a new land
civilizations high developed societys
quipu various lengths and colors of string used by the Incas to record info
maize an early form of corn
federation government that links different groups
terrace broad platforms
culture a person's or group's way of life
the 10 things needed to make a civilization communication,food, water, regligion, rules/laws,leadership, specialization, protection, Freetime
mayan communication? had a spoken language, had hieroglyphics, kept records called codices,
mayan temples each level went through Mayan history
mayan food? legends say they came from corn, had farming skills,, could feed 20,000+ chewed chicle (first gum)
mayan water? problem for mayans, might have caused a drought
mayan religions? had 1 god (itzamna), they burid dead under homes, servents killed with their leaders, if your child died the mother would cut off her fingertip
who are the bird people and why? the mayoans. their gods were imangined as birds so they wanted to be like them
examples of what they did to be bird people babies= crass eyed, they tattoed body bird colors, tried to make nose beak-like, sharpened teeth
mayan leadership? no government, leaders were kings who gained power in war
mayan rules/ laws? were strict (cut hair short, servent of victim, thrown off a cliff)
mayan specilization? had many jobs
mayan protection? designed cities for protection, kings had army of warriors
mayan friendships/ aliances? no prmenant alliances
which civilization had a lot of gold? the inca
inca communication spoke quecha, had no written language-used special knotted ropes (quipus) to send a message, runners called Chaskis could deliver a message 1,500 miles in a week
inca food buiilt terraces to farm tha mountain terran, meat was alpaca and guinea pig, ate potatoes
inca water built aquaducts so melting snow would flow into settlements
inca religion sunworshipers, leader was the inca (who was a god)last inca was Atahualpa, inca married siblings, had human and animal sacrifices
inca leadership inca choose woman to be his advisors, allowed conqured people to keep their leaders/culture if they followed inca culture
inca rules /laws almost no crime in inca empire, laws were harsh
inca specilization had many differnt jobs
inca protection had both nature protection (lived in Andes Mts.)and a strong army
inca alliances encouraged groups to became alliances, those who refused either attacked or forced to join
inca freetime had accomplishments (Maccu piccu, Brain surgery, stone arches)incas loved music-panpipe, all accomplished with no written language!
called themselves "the Mexica" aztecs
aztec communication spoke/wrote language called Nahuati
Where they found an eagle eating a snake on a cactus, which meant they would build a great city there the aztecs, in tenochtitlan-they built 3 causeways from island to land
aztec food similiar to mayans, bought food at city market,rich drank chocolate- which cocoa beans were used as money!
aztec water used aqueducts (carried 3+ miles)had running water in homes of wealthy- aztecs were very clean, drank wine (tequila) but if you got drunk you would be killed
aztes gods/goddesses Huitzilopochtli-god of war, Quetzalcoatl-the creator god
aztec calanders solar- 365 days, had 5 days of darkness, bad luck days(18 months of 20 days) Religious-240 days every 52 years they started on the same day-if they hadnt sacrificed enough people the world would end(in fire with super charged jaguars
Created by: lstmartin01
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