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1st Quarter Interim

Middle East - 1st Quarter - 7th Grade Social Studies

Euphrates River River that flows through Syria and Iraq that empties into the Persian Gulf
Jordan River River that flows between Israel and Jordan
Tigris River River that flows from Turkey through Iraq to the Persian Gulf
Suez Canal Man-made waterway that flows through Egypt and connects the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
Persian Gulf Body of water along the coasts of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Iran
Strait of Hormuz Narrow waterway connecting the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea off the coast of Oman and UAE
Arabian Peninsula Landmass where Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen are located
Red Sea Large body of water between Egypt and Saudi Arabia
Gaza Strip Palestinian region surrounded by Israel along the Mediterranean Sea
Afghanistan Country bordering Iran on its western side
Iran Country bordered by Afghanistan in the east and bordered by Turkey and Iraq in the west
Iraq Country bordered by Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and Iran
Israel Country located along the Mediterranean Sea on its western border and the Jordan River on its eastern border
Saudi Arabia Large country located on the Arabian Peninsula bordered by Yemen and Oman in the south
Turkey Country that connects Europe and Asia located north of Syria and Iraq
Irrigation Water pollution and unequal distribution of water impacts ___ and drinking water
Oil Natural resource that many countries benefit from economically if they have it in their country
Population Deserts and rivers affect the ___ in terms of where people live, the type of work they do, and how they travel
Diversity There is much ___ (difference/variety) within the ehtnic groups known as the Arabs, Persians, and Kurds
Ethnic Group Group of people with a common heritage, culture, and religious beliefs
Religious Group Group of people with common religious beliefs
Judaism Monotheistic religion based on the teachings found in the Torah
Christianity Monotheistic religion based on the teachings found in the Bible
Islam Monotheistic religion based on the teachings found in the Koran/Qu'ran
Sunni Sect of Muslims mainly living in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq; majority
Shia Sect of Muslims that are found mainly in Iran; usually follows fundamentalist Shariah laws of Islam; also known as Shiite
Literacy Rate The standard of living is higher in regions where the ___ is higher (the percentage of people who can read)
Partitioning European ___ in the MIddle East led to conflict after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire
Holocaust Period of time when over 6 million Jews were captured and murdered in Europe
Anit-Semitism Feelings of hatred toward Jews
Zionism Belief in a return of the Jewish people to their homeland in Israel
Conflicts Land and religion are reasons for continuing ___ in the MIddle East
Kuwait The US entered the Persian Gulf conflict when Iraq, led by Saddam Hussein, invaded ___
Afghanistan The US sent troops to ___ to combat the terrorism of the Taliban and Al Qaeda
Iraq The US invaded ___ in 2008 to investigate reports that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons and then to help establish a new democratic government
Unitary System of government where the central government has most of the power
Confederation System of government where the members hold the power and the central government relies on the active participation of its members
Federal System of government where power is shared between the different levels of government
Autocracy Government with an all-powerful ruler; leadership has absolute power
Oligarchy Government by the few; a small group holds the power
Democracy Rule by the people; elections are used to express the opinions of the citizens
Parliamentary Democracy where citizens elect representatives and those representatives choose the Prime Minister
Presidential Democracy where citizens elect the leader and the leguslature separately; there is a system of checks & balances
Israel Country in the Middle East with a parliamentary democracy; its parliament is the Knesset and the Prime MInister is Benjamin Netanyahu
Saudi Arabia Country in the Middle East that is a monarchy led by King Abdullah
Iran Country that is an Islamic Republic and is a theocracy
OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) Organization made up of mainly MIddle Eastern countries that control the production and price of oil/petroleum
Specialization When one country produces a product that is in demand in other countries; the country then uses the money it makes to buy the porducts it needs
Tariff A tax or fee on imports
Quota A limit on imports into a country
Embargo A ban on trade for political reasons
Human Capital Workers and the education, training, and skills they bring to the workplace
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) The amount of money per year an entire country makes on goods and services it produces
Capital Resources Equipment, technology, and machinery needed to produce a good or service
Entrepreneur A creative risk-taker willing to start a new business venture
Currency Money used to purchase items needed
Created by: MrsRidley
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