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Weber's study guide

Weber's 7th grade S.S. Study guide

Fought the civil warUnion and Confederates
won the civil war Union
Who came to America? The English (Pilgrims)
When did they come to America? 1623
Fought French and Indian war French, British, and Indians
Won french and indian war British
fought Revolutionary War (not so) Great Britain and 13 colonies
won revolutionary war (the great) 13 colonies
Why was the revolutionary war fought? To gain independence from Great Britain
Branches of Government? Executive, legislative, and judicial
why the war of 1812 was fought shipping and trade over high seas
when war of 1812 was fought 1812-1816
important people of the industrial revolution Samuel Slater & James Watt
industrial revolution is… A period in American history in which society moved to a focus on machines, factories, and industry.
Trail of Tears is… when the Cherokee were forced to move from Georgia to Oklahoma
Trail of Tears affected… cherokee (duh) some died and got injured and most cried.
Texas war for independence fought by… Spanish and Texans
Texas War for Independence fought to… gain independence from Mexico
where slaves came (were kidnapped) from Africa
What slaves did picked cotton and tobacco
Lincoln Douglas Debates were about Slavery
Lincoln was against slavery
Douglas was for Slavery
gradualism ending slavery gradually
American Colonization Society Send the slaves back to africa
Abolitionism free the slaves immediately
Suffrage Term for equal voting rights
why the civil war was fought for slavery and rights
Created by: amkluver12