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Unit 2 Study Guide

From 1492-1700 we have a certain era known as the era of ___________________ European exploration.
Defeating the Aztecs helps Cortes gain control of what country? Mexico
Which explorer ended up in Matagorda Bay while looking for the mouth of the Mississippi River? Rene-Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle
The term for someone that searched for wealth and land in the Americas is known as a ___________________. conquistador
European sailors explored the Americas out of their desire to find ________. gold
Put the following events in the order in which they happened: I. Cabeza de Vaca reports on Texas II. Pineda maps Texas III. La Salle establishes Fort St. Louis Pineda maps Texas, Cabeza de Vaca reports on Texas, La Salle establishes Fort St. Louis
What reason did Columbus travel west across the Atlantic in 1492? to find a different trade route to Asia
What year did Pineda map the coast of Texas? 1519
Where did Spain want to establish colonies in the late 1400s to early 1500s? The Indies
What was the name of the first French colony in Texas? Fort St. Louis
La Salle named Louisiana after King _______ ___ (name of the king) of ______(which country)? Louis XIV; France
Why does Coronado decide to travel from Tiguex to Quivira? Someone told Coronado that Quivira was a very rich, wealthy place when in all actuality it was not.
Why did Spain want to claim territories in the Americas? They wanted to become the greatest nation on earth.
What is the name of a pirate that preyed on ships in the 1600s? buccaneer
What is the term for a Native American village built of adobe? pueblo
Who led the survivors of the Narvaez expedition back to Mexico? Cabeza de Vaca
Which explorer was a Spanish explorer that wrote about his life with the Native Americans? Cabeza de Vaca
Who explored the southeastern part of North America looking for the Seven Cities of Cibola? Hernando de Soto
Who followed Hernando de Soto's footsteps (who was his successor) and explored the southeastern part of North America? Luis de Moscoso de Alvarado
What disastrous natural event happened that is related to the failed Narvaez expedition? hurricane out in the Gulf of Mexico
After the Spanish establish their colony, what do they do or what is their main focus? (hint: what do they want to do with the Native Americans) They want to convert the Native Americans to Christianity.
Why did the Spanish want to continue exploring New Spain? They had heard of the gold and riches that Cortes had found.
What did La Salle look for when he set sail for the Gulf of Mexico in 1684? the mouth of the Mississippi River
For what reason would the Spanish establish the colony of Santa Fe in New Mexico? Because the French had established the colony of Fort St. Louis in Texas.
What happened when Coronado reached the village and realized that it wasn't the seven cities of Cibola? He continued traveling east until he found Quivira.
Created by: sasmith3