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KHS Constitution

KHS Constitution Facts

Six purposes of government
Role of the legislative branch
Two branches of legislative branch
terms of office of House of Representatives # of reps per state in the House AND # reps total in the House
Requirements to be rep in House
Formula to determine the population of each state for purposes of representation
Requirements to be a senator
Leader of the House
Powers of ONLY the House 1 2
Terms of office for senators # of senators per state
identify president of Senate and role identify president pro tempore
powers of ONLY Senate 1, 2, 3
State's role in elections
Basic rules for Legislative Branch operations 1, 2, 3, 4
Two protections members of Congress have while in session
Define enumerated powers
Outline process for bill passage into law
List the enumerated powers of Congress (Section 8, clauses 1-10, 17)
List the enumerated powers of Congress related to the military (Section 8, clauses 11-17
Describe the necessary and proper clause (Section 8, clause 18)
Define implied powers
Identify the three compromises regarding slavery
Define writ of habeas corpus
Define ex post facto law
Define bill of attainder
ID 3 other restrictions on congress in addition to habeas corpus, ex post facto and bill of attainder
Make a list of ten restrictions on states found in Section 10, clauses 1 and 2
Make a list of four other restrictions on states from Section 10, clause 3
Term of office for President
Requirements to be President
ID rules for electors in the electoral college (4)
ID four situation in which VP takes over for President
ID two rules regarding President's salary
ID two promises President makes in the oath of office
List the 7 powers of President from Article 2, Section 2
List the 7 duties of the President from Article 2, Section 3
ID the 3 reasons executive or judicial official may be impeached
ID congress's role in the federal courts 1, 2
ID two constitutional protections for federal judges
List the 8 areas in which federal courts have jurisdiction
ID the area of original jurisdiction of Supreme Court
ID the area of appellate jurisdiction of Supreme Court
ID individual right protections found in the Constitution 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Define treason and outline process for conviction
ID the three requirements all states must honor (Article IV, Sections 1-2)
ID the rules for admitting new states and control of new territories
ID 3 guarantees the national government makes to states
ID 2 ways to propose amendments and 2 ways to ratify amendments
Define the Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Section 2)
Requirements to ratify the original Constitution
First Amendment - 5
Second Amendment - 1
Third Amendment -1
Fourth Amendment - 4
Fifth Amendment - 5
Sixth Amendment - 6
Seventh Amendment - 1
Eighth Amendment - 3
Ninth Amendment - 1
Tenth Amendment - 1
12th Amendment - President needs ? to win; who selects Pres and VP if no winner?
13th Amendment - 1
14th Amendment - citizenship; Section 1 3 guarantees; Section 2 removes ?
15th Amendment - 1
16th Amendment - 1
17th Amendment - 1
18th Amendment - 1
19th Amendment - 1
20th Amendment - Calendar facts for taking Executive office
21st Amendment - 1
22nd Amendment - Terms limits for President; maximum years in office?
23rd Amendment - 1
24th Amendment - 1
25th Amendment - process for removing President (not impeachment)
26th Amendment - 1
27th Amendment - 1
Created by: afailoni
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