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French Rev. 2013

The Causes of the French Revolution

What are some of the Estates? 1st Estate; Church, 2nd Estate; Nobles & Monarchy, 3rd Estate; Bourgeoisie & Peasants
What are some of the Social causes for the FR? The Estates System & Inequality among citizens (taxation & special privileges)
What are some of the Economic Causes of the FR? Deficit Spending, Bad harvest caused food prices to rise, peasants & city dwellers rioted for food, King Louie XVI didn't follow his financial adviser. Also massive amounts of money were spent on work, inherited debt, and the loss of land in war (7 yrs.)
What are some of the Political causes of the FR? Enlightenment Ideas & Absolute Monarchy ( Luie & Marie A. denied the basic rights of their citizens)
What did the First Estate consist of ? The Clergy (enjoyed enormous wealth and privilege; owned about 10 percent of land, collected tithes, and paid no taxes; provided some social services)
What did the second estate consist of ? The Nobility (owned land but had little money income; hated absolutism; feared losing traditional privileges, especially exemption from taxes)
What did the Third Estate consist of ? The Bourgeoisie and Peasants (peasants were 90 percent of French population; resented privileges of first and second estates; burdened by taxes; many earned miserable wages and faced hunger and even starvation)
Created by: jennahamilton