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History Exam 1

Sacristy of land theory: Shortage of land; people have to come together.Forces people to form Government.
Adversity Hypothesis: Need positives (water, climate). For civilization to develop, there must be diversity. must have negatives with positives. this forms a challenge.
Land of Stability Egypt
Surrounded with the nile "Gift of the nile"
Egypt's great burrier desert
Egypt's first dynasty writing
Pharaohs had all mighty rule Egypt
chief priest was considered a god Egypt
Theocracy no separation between church and state
Polytheistic Worshiped gods
divine kingship Looking out for people all the time
Pharaohs had servants, They believed that when pharaoh died , the servants died and went on the journey with the pharaoh. Egypt
Then the Nobles wanted to go on the journey too Egypt
Everything was seen through religious views Egypt
What was Egypt's death rituals Mummification
Natrons Dries up cavities
Pineresen chemical for odor
linin used to wrap the body
who watches over the corpse in Egypt Women
What was the biggest stone building ever great pyramid
Age of pyramids. represents the pharaohs power. contributed to fall of old kingdom. intermediate period- time of trouble old kingdom
period of progress, creativity. religious development; cult of osiris; how you pass on is how you acted in life. Middle kingdom
organized government, falls away turmoil; civil war; invasion( HYKSOS)Their military was superior to egypt. it was a foreign domination period. Second int. period
time of military strength. the ruler was Thutmos the third. Amchotep the fourth made the egyptions worship one go. New Kingdom
Hegemony dominance over religion.
Believed the good things would be enjoyed in heaven but in a greater degree. Egyptians
confident and optimistic people Egyptians
Life was shaped by the view of death Egyptians
Lived free of threat of invasion Egyptians
Didn't have a rigid cast system. what was the cast system of Egypt pharaohs, nobles, scribes, merchants, artisans, farmers, serfs, slaves
public schools that trained to write Egyptians
the school was open to all classes Egyptians
women faired well Egyptians
monogomy was the rule Egyptians
girls of herum was entertainment Egyptians
Goddess of egyptian party Bess
Had a formula for beer Egyptians
What women inherited the egyptian throne Hatchepsuet
what would happen if adultry happened in egypt cut off nose
" Give me bread when in hungry, give me beer when im thirsty" how the egyptians saw afterlife
land between the rivers mesopotamia
what was the weather condition like in mesopotamia flooding was unpredictable, sandstorms
did mesopotamia have any natural barriers? no
mesopotamia was a city state and constantly fought between city states.
Who were the first people of Mesopotamia? Sumarians
Who's writing form was cuneiform? sumarians
who took control of the summarians first Akodians
The first empire was what? Akodians
who do they akodians fall to? Babylonians
Who was the king of babylon hammurabi
1792-1750 who ruled? Hammurabi
why did hammurabi make the roads? for the military
What was the hammurabi code field of justice
how many sections does the hammurabi code have? 282
what kind of religious view did the babylonians have? polytheistic
were kings gods during the babylonian period? no
where did they burry their dead? under the house
each city state had a god. did they fight? yes. good vs. bad
the priests had what? Powers.
what is the epic of Gilgermesh? no matter what you do, your gonna die.
was there hope for afterlife in the babylonian culture? no
where did the babylonian laws come from? the gods
what did the babylonians value? private property
what was punished in the babylonian culture? laziness
why did the babylonians have a strong work ethic? land sacristy
what kind of society did the babylonians have patriotic
what could the babylonians do to their kids? sell them
How could the babylonians get a diverse? adultery
" The wife is a mans future, sons mans refuge, and daughter is mans salvation." Strong family bonds. babylonian society
Where is Phoenicia located? On the coast
the phoenicians were great sailors throughout what sea? Mediterranean
Where was carthage located africa
phoenicia came up with what? the phonetic alaphabet
What are the Arameans caravans
Who are the "bad guys" Assyrians
how do you describe the assyrians? aggressive warlike people
how did they take over people? by psychological terrorism. the people would give up before the fight.
" boys girls burnt upon flames. pillars of skulls erected before town" Tiglath
who round up combatants; asked the people to fight or die Assyrians
who has oriental seclusion of women Assyrians
how old were the assyrian women when they married? 12-13 yrs
What was the number one crime in the Assyrian society? Abortion
who was Assurbanipal? a scholar who collected cuneiform tablets and made a library. part of assyrians
Who do the Assyrians fall to? the Chaldeans
whats another name for the chaldeans? New Babylonians
who was the king of new babylonians, chaldeans? Nebuchadnezzar
where did the chaldeans expand to? throughout the fertile crescent
who did the chaldeans concur? palestine, and took jewish leaders
What was it called when the chaldeans concurred palestine and took the jewish leaders? babylon captivity of jews
Where was the persian empire located? along the persian gulf
were they progressive? yes
who was the king of the persian empire? Cyrus the Great
What did cyrus the great do? brought order. he showed respect to the people he concurred and brought them into his culture.
who was darius? the king after cyrus the great, of the persian empire
what did darius do? built roads, divided the empire into provinces. he had private servants
"neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor dark night hinder them in prompt completion of their task." -persian beaurcrats. shows their dedication to society and fighting
what is the persian religion? culture, zoroastrianism. rejected magic, superstitions. emphasis on morality and ethical conduct. had a good god and bad god. DUALISM. believed in the end that good would prevail
"sons are taught to ride horses, draw bows, and speak the truth." cyclic theory of history. persians view of society
who does darius fall to? Alexander the great
what does habira mean Hebrews
where did the hebrews originate Arabian desert
where did the hebrews settle when jacob was ruler along the mediterranean
what was the name changed to when hebrews settles along the mediterranean? Israel/palestine, Israelites
when israel moves again where do they move egypt
moses arrises and helps who nomadic people
who are the Philistines? neighbors that fight israel. and israel always looses
"land of milk and honey" palestine
who was the king that helped unite and defeat the philistines saul
who was sauls rival david
saul died and who took over david
who did david unite the Israelites , Jerusalem capital
after david who took power salamen. davids son
what was salamen like harsh ruler, which lead to revolt.
palestine was split into two kingdoms, which are? israel, north. and judah- south
who was israel attacked by? Assyrians
who did judah fall to? claldeans. captivity of the jews
what was the first five books of the hebrews called torah
what was the hebrews religion like monotheism. the god was yahweh
how did the hebrews think of women respected them. never abused them.
where was the hebrew women prohibited from the inner temple
where were the minoans located crete. located on the mediterranean sea
the minoans had what kind of community sea community
who were the trade partners of minoans? mycenaens
what were the biggest exports of the minoans wine and olive oil and pottery
who had walls around the city and who didnt minians didnt and myceneans did
capital of minoans knossus
how did the minoans fall earth quake possibly. attacked by pirates and Mycenaeans
minoans religion polytheistic
how did the minoans burry their dead with care
polis city states
Hellenic age era of city states
what were the two city states of the hellenic age Athens and sparta
whats the political evolution monarchy, oligarchy, tyrrany, democracy
where was sparta located peloponnesian peninsula
was was spartas neighboring province messenia
who did sparta concur messenia
when messenia was concurred, sparta became what kind of state barrate state. military
"everyone must subordinate themselves to the will of the state' Lycugon constitution
upper startans 5 to 10 percent of population
lower spartans slave class. helets
periochi spartans middle class. stray people
what kind of government was Sparta? oligarchy
what values did sparta stress? patriotism, self denial, discipline,
at the beginning of each year the spartans cast war on who helots
who are the secret core anyone that is a threat is liquidated on site. they were people that lived amongst the others, but were secret
spartan women compete in sports but had weak marital bonds.
"come home with shield held high or on it' spartan women to their husbands. shows weak marital bonds. and how harsh they were, and didnt care bout their husbands
what was the spartan military called peloponesian league
where was athens located on the edge of the penninsula
what kind of economy was athens commercial economy
why is ionia important they were colonized by the greeks
draco law code of athens
who did athens rebel against persians
who was the persian king darius
why did persia want to go to war with athens because athens aided ionia
who won the battle of marathon athens
agora market place where the people of athens waited to hear the outcome of the battle
mercianaries hired fighters of persians
who is xerxes persian monarch
xerxes asked for what as submission to the persians earth and water
what 2 city states didnt submit to the persians sparta and athens
why did xerxes want war because athens and Sparta didn't show submission to persia
how did they cross the body of water hellespont by bridge of boats
who was the spartan king Leonidas
battle of salamis athens ships were more movable and athens destroyed persia
"a persian king had gazed europe for the last time" historian about the battle of salamis
Delian league athens fleet
athens government the workers received pay
" control masses rather than them control him" Thucydides. a historian
idiotes one that doesn't up hold responsibilities of citizenship
what political aspect did athens not like philobustery
what was the one job in athens that put value on merit general
"any man who sherks responsibilities of citizenship shall be regarded as useless character" Paraclese
women of athens no rights, married at 14, remain at the home
" i give this woman for procreation of legit children" father of athens bride.
athens rashald owned by the wealthy and the slaves and foreigners were the ones selling themselves
courtesan high end prositutes
Aspasia beautiful courtesan that was smart and was paraclese's mistress
" the less heard of women in male company the better' Paraclese about women
symposiam fancy dinner party that wives could not go to. but the people from brathal could go
the athens competitve games honored who gods
drama emerged from who greeks
who were the great playwrights aeschylus,sophocles, euripedes, aristophdries
what is speculative philosophy how nature worked, 12 chief gods. eventually turned attention to what the purpose of life?
Socrates believed what that people should discover things through logical thinking
who was socrates student? plato
plato was interested in political science. condemned democracy and stared first university
Aristotle attended university of plato. he was expert on all his fav subjects. he tutored alexander the great. thought women were subordinate
who was the first greek historian. "father of history. and what did he write about Herodotus. and he wrote about the persian war
who was the second greatest historian thucydides. he wrote about the peloponesian war
Created by: KatieShanks
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