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Rise of Civilization

rise of civilization quiz

GRAPES tool to analize and undertand ancient civilizations. Geography, Religigion, Arts and Achievment, Politics, Economics, and Social structure
Civilization an advanced state of a human society marked by developments in the arts, sciences, technology, government and social structure
Royal Tombs of UR *2000 ordinary tombs and 16 royal tombs (many different artifacts show wealth and status) *Unusual to find so many ancient graves
Festivals *celbrated the gods and agriculture *attended w/permission from king *king was representative of the gods *occured throughout the calendar
Religion *each settlement had "patron" god *gods represented natural forces *believed in afterlife *good/bad events created by Gods *important to keep gods blessings
astronomy *sky, stars, planets, universe, etc. controlled by the gods *used sun, moon, starts, and postions to predict future and determine political, social, and economic outcomes
ziggurats +multi-level temples made of mud bricks +top level served as home to gods of the city *raised above the ground to protect from flooding *served as intersection between earth and sky
4 empires of mesoptamia *Akkadian Empire *Babylonian Empire *Assyrian Empire *Neo - Babylonian Empire
Akkadian Empire *King Sargon - first ruler of Empire *Created empire through military strategy *Created world's first empire *City of Agade was the capitol *Used sumerian culture. Religion central to social order *known to 3 dimensional sculptures
Babylonian Empire King Hammurabi - King of Babylon *Babylon was capitol *best known for code of laws laws were very fair
Assyrian Empire *military might and cruelty *achievments include new weapons and war strategies. (Siege warfare - attacks over and over until city defeated) *Ruthless *religion important. *built the earliest aqueducts *craaftspeople known for bas-relief
neo babylonian empire King Nebuchadrezzar. *built 2 thick walls around city of babylon *rebuilt city's ziggurat *hanging gardens of babylon *skilled mathmeticians and astronomers *created firt sundial
cuneiform wedge shaped writing on clay tablets
epic a long poem usually about a hero and the hero's adventures and acheivments
The people of Mesopotamia believed in many gods and goddesses which usually represented elements of nature.
Spells, prayers, and rituals were all designed to maintain the ________________ of the gods. blessings
According to Mesopotamian belief,universe was controlled by gods & goddesses and it was believed that they provided an indication of their plans by revealing “signs” for humans. Which of the following events would most likely have been understood by a Mes solar eclipse
iggurats can be best described as a Mesopotamian form of a(n) temple
Ziggurats developed in southern Mesopotamia were usually anywhere from four to seven stories tall. The explanation for why they were built so tall seems most likely due to frequent flooding in the area
The word “________________________” comes from Greek and means “land between the rivers.” Mesopotamia
A(n) _____________________ was like an independent country and had its own king, god, and laws, city state
The Akkadians are an example of the world’s first ____________________. empire
The southern region of Mesopotamia was known as Sumer and the northern region was known as _________________. Akkad
______________ was the first civilization of Mesopotamia. Sumer
Which of lists below places the five civilizations of Mesopotamia in the proper chronological order starting with the oldest and ending with the most recent? Sumer, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Neo-babylonian
Created by: jennwdw
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