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Miss Cooper's Unit 2

Native Americans of North America

tribe group of families with one leader
league an organization that people form which unites them for a particular purpose
cultural region area in which people with similar cultures live
longhouse building used for shelter by Iroquois
wampum belts or strings of polished seashells that were used for trading and gift giving by the Iroquois and other Native Americans
reservation land set aside by the United States government for Native Americans
lodge large, round hut built by Plains Indians
tepee dwelling built by Plains Indians, made of poles arranged in a circle covered by buffalo hides.
travois sled made of poles tied together; used by Native Americans to transport goods across the plains
powwow Native American ceremony that often includes traditional dancing and games
pueblo Spanish word for "village"
potlatch Native American celebration in which the hosts give gifts to their guests
totem pole wooden post carved with animals or other images; often made by Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest to honor ancestors or special events.
shaman Native American doctor or healer
pit house a house built partly over a hole dug in the earth so that some of its rooms are underground
Hogan a cone shaped house built over a shallow pit and covered with sod
Iroquois League a group of Iroquois tribes that decided to work together peacefully
Created by: lisa.cooper