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evnts up to wwii

Events leading up to WWII

Hitler wants to tear up the Treaty of Versailles and make Germany a great power again 1
Hitler publicly announces reintroduction of conscription which increases the size of his army. 2
Hitler increases the size of the navy and builds an airforce named the Luftwaffe 3
Hitler occupies the Rhineland and are greeted by cheering crowds 4
Hitler secretly gives orders for his troops to withdraw if French forces attack them. 5
Hitler forms an alliance with Mussolini known as the Rome-Berlin Axis 6
The French do nothing about the German troops in the Rhineland because they believe his army is bigger than it is and do not want to risk another war. 7
The British do nothing about the expansion of the German army or their occupation of the Rhineland because they feel that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh. 8
Neville Chamberlain follows a policy of appeasement - this was a weakness that Hitler exploited. 9
Hitler forces the Austrian Chancellor to bring leading Austrian Nazis into his government. He is replaced and German troops are invited in to restore order. - Austria is annexed to Germany - crowds are enthusiastic 10
Hitler accuses the Czechs of treating the people of the Sudetenland very badly - he wants them to hand it over to them. 11
The Munich Conference (a meeting of Britain, France, Italy and Germany) decides that the Czechs must hand over the Sudetenland to Germany. 12
Chamberlain returns to Britain and is welcomed as a hero who prevented another war. 13
Hitler threatens to bomb Prague if the Czechs do not let his troops occupy Czech lands 14
British and French are outraged - they fear that Hitler will target Poland next. 15
Hitler demands the return of the German-speaking town of Danzig in Poland 16
Alliance made between Hitler and Stalin called the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact 17
On 1 September German troops attack Poland - Britain and France demand that the Germans stop the invasion - Germans refuse and they declare war on 3 September. 18
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