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Business Orientation


When founded the University was known as Howard Normal and Theological Institute for the Education of Teachers and Preachers
The University was chartered by President Andrew Jackson on March 2, 1867
The newly named institution was named after General Oliver “Otis” Howard
Name the two first schools College of Liberal Arts and College of Medicine
The University’s first Black president was Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
The first Howard alumnus to become President of the University Franklyn G. Jenifer
Who coined the phrase “Leadership for America and the Global Community”? President H. Patrick Swygert
Name three notable Howard alumni: Thurgood Marshall, Toni Morrison, and Franklyn G. Jenifer
Among Dr. Barron Harvey’s accomplishments are Study abroad and CPD
I am a _________ major and my department chairperson’s name is __________. Finance – Youngho Lee
Dr. Milton Wilson served as Dean of the School of Business until 1990
The School of Business has a retention rate of ___ and a placement rate of ___ 90% - 70%
The School of Business was established in 1970
In 1918, School of Business was known as the School of Commerce & Finance
Which School of Business dean was responsible for obtaining the undergraduate program accreditation through the AACSB? Dean Milton Wilson
The Office of _________ is located in Room 222. One of the two academic advisors is _________ & __________ Student Affairs - Karen Hampton
9. The Center for Professional Development is located in ___. The Director’s name is ___________ 222 - Erica Smith
President of University Sydney Ribeau
Provost and Chief Academic Officer Wayne Frederick
Dean of School of Business Barron H. Harvey
Assistant Dean Ann-Marie Waterman
Associate Dean Sam Paschall
Director, 21 CAP Karen Nash
Department Chairperson Youngho Lee
Mr. ______ ______ is the head librarian for the School of Business; his office is in the library on the ___ floor Tommie Waters - 1st
The ________ __ ________ is the academic library catalog system Library of Congress
Name three of the Washington area research library consortium universities Georgetown University, George Washington University, Howard University
Name three of the School of Business Library catalogs/databases WorldCat – World Catalog Aladin – Local Catalog ABI/Inform, Lexis-Nexis, Business Source Complete, Mergent
The _______ ________ _________ database provides access to more than 1,300 full-text journals. Business Source Complete
The ‘R’ following the names of the database indicates ___________ ___ _______ __________ Restricted for Howard University
Omari Pearson Operation Hope
As freshmen and students, your ___________ are your currency grades/GPA
Without a plan, you are living a ______. fantasy
Money has a ________. You must know this in order to communicate in the financial arena. Language
Be the ________, you desire to see. change
e) Mr. Pearson recommended ___ _______ _____ by Malcolm Gladwell is a must-read for this semester. The Tipping Point
BONUS: University’s motto: Truth and Service
BONUS: motto in Latin: Veritas et Utilitas
BONUS: CEO of Chrysler: Sergio Marchionne
Created by: matthewbrown50