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2013 5th Chapter 1 Lessons 3, 4, 5

Key ItemDefinition
Inlet Any area of water extending into the land from a larger body of water
Gulf The largest inlets
Sound A long inlet that separates offshore islands from the mainland
Tributary A stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river
River system Made up of a river and it's tributaries
Drainage basin The land drained by a river system
Fall line A place where the land drops sharply, causing rivers to form waterfalls or rapids
Elevation The height of the land in relation to sea level
Natural vegetation Plant life that grows naturally in a place
Arid Dry
Tundra Cold, dry region where trees cannot grow
Land use How the land is used
Natural resource Something found in nature that people can use
Nonrenewable resource Resources that cannot be made again by people or would take thousands of years for nature to replace
Renewable resource Resources that can be made again by people or nature
Modify Change
Irrigation The use of canals, ditches, or pipes to move water
Efficiency Using less energy to do the same tasks
Continental Divide An imaginary line that runs north and south along the highest points of the Rocky Mountains
Great Salt Lake An inland body of salt water
The Great Lakes The largest lakes in the United States and in all of North America
Mississippi River The largest river system in the United States
Created by: Mrs. Hastings