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AP US History dd

AP US History

Roger Williams creator of Rhode Island, notable for his prominent religious tolerance
Benjamin Franklin inventor, signer of the Declaration of Independence, peacemaker
John Adams second president, driving force in the American Revolution
Thomas Paine author of Common Sense
George Washington General in the American Revolution, First President
Thomas Jefferson Writer of the Constitution, 3rd President, responsible for Westward expansion
Alexander Hamilton first secretary of Treasury, cowrote the Federalist Papers
John Marshall longest serving chief justice
John Quincy Adams sixth president, formulated the Monroe Doctrine
Andrew Jackson Hero of the War of 1812
Henry Clay the leader who tried to resolve sectional disputes by compromise, "American System"
Nat Turner slave whp posed a rebellion
Alexis de Tocqueville a french political thinker and historian
Henry David Thoreau a writer and transcendentalist (liked nature, against the Mexican War) anti-slavery
William Lloyd Garrison one of the most famous radical abolitionist- published The Liberator (1831) founded the American Anti-Slavery Society
Elizabeth Cady Stanton women's suffrage movement leader
Martin van Buren eighth president
Stephen A Douglas largely responsible for the Compromise of 1850, democratic nominee in 1860
Abraham Lincoln President during the Civil War, Republican, Anti-Slavery
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy
Robert E Lee confederate commander
Ulysses Grant The general who became commander of all the Union armies in 1864
Andrew Johnson 17th president after the assassination of lincoln, president during reconstruction
Red Cloud war leader of native americans
Sitting Bull notable for his role in the major victory at The Battle of Little Big Horn
Andrew Carnegie the Steel industry was brought to America by him
John D Rockefeller organized America's oil industry
Samuel Gompers founder of the American Federation of Labor
Eugene Debs union leader, founder of industrial workers of the world
Robert M LaFollette "fighting bob"
WEB Dubois founder of NAACP and Niagara movement
Theodore Roosevelt President during WWI *supported US expansion
Jacob Riis muckraker, wrote How the Other Half Lives
William Howard Taft presidency characterized by trust busting and strengthening the insterstate commerce commission
Woodrow Wilson Leader of the Progressive movement and created the 14 Points which would be the basis for the treaty to end WWI
Andrew Mellon american banker under presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover
Herbert Hoover president at the time the stock market crashed; he thought prosperity would return if people took his advice about exercising voluntary action and restraint
Charles Lindbergh american aviator
Franklin D Roosevelt formerly the governor of New York, this man was nominated by the Democratic party, he pledged a "new deal" for the American people, the repeal of prohibition, aid for the unemployed, and cuts into government spending, served four terms as president
Harry Truman He decided to drop the Atomic bomb, successor of FDR
Dwight Eisenhower Supreme cmomander of the Allied forces on D-Day* he later became the 34th president
Martin Luther King nonviolent civil disobedience *"I Have A Dream"
John F Kennedy youngest president, known for the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis and Civil Rights Movement, assassinated in Texas in 1963
Lyndon B Johnson Responsible for the Gulf of Tonkin "blank check"
Thurgood Marshalldfgsdfg Civil Rights activist * First black in the Supreme Court Justice
Richard Nixon first president to go behin the iron curtain when he visited china
Gerald Ford became president after nixons assassination
Jimmy Carter 39th president, nobel peace prize recipient, notable for SALT and Camp David Accords
Ronald Reagan 40th president, president during the cold war
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Created by: thirdbasecutie11
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