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5th gr History Ch 2

5th grade History Test Chapter 2

Who revolutionized modern transportation? Henry Ford
What kept people in England from wanting to drive steam cars? red flag
What kind of transportation was popular in the 1880s and 1890s? bicycles
Which two men developed the gasoline engine? Lenoir and Daimler
Who introduced the Model T? Ford
In what year was the Model T introduced? 1908
What term is used to describe the ability to get from place to place? mobility
What term is used to identify the power of a car's engine? horsepower
What was the Red Flag Act? You could only go w2 miles an hour in town and 4 on open road and a person had to walk in front holding a red flag
True or False: Gasoline-powered carriages were on the road in 1801. False; steam-powered
True or False: Europe had early motor cars that were reliable. False; unreliable
True or False: The Model T was not Henry Ford's first car. True
True or False: Henry Ford was not the only person to manufacture cars. True
True or False: The term mobility refers to goods moving to the workers instead of the workers moving to the goods. False; assembly lines
True or False: Automobiles made traveling slower. False; faster
True or False: Louis Chevrolet changed the way goods were manufactured. False; Henry Ford
True or False: Early drivers did not need a driver's license. True
True or False: An assembly line is something made long ago. False; antique
How did automobiles change peoples lives? 1. People could live in one town and work in another 2. People could take trips on their own schedules 3. People could have more freedom to do as they pleased
What were disadvantages of the steam carriages? 1. Fuel had to be carried to make the steam. 2. The body had to be heavy to carry the machinery. 3. the engines were noisy.
Why did Ford's Model T sell better than other cars? 1. It was affordable and sturdy 2. It was easy to drive 3. It was easy to repair
What changes did the assembly line bring to businesses? 1. It helped produce more goods faster 2. Workers did not have to move around the factory as much 3. It made more products affordable
An american who made gliders with rubber joints Chanute
A box with a fan designed to test how a glider would operate at different wind speeds wind tunnel
A machine that flies without engine power glider
Built the Great Aerodrome with a gasoline engine Langley
A Greek story of Icarus who flew using wings made of wax and feathers myth
The kind of repair shop that funded the Wright brothers' experiments bicycle
Made gliders that looked much like bird's wings and tails Lilienthal
Where did the Wright brothers live? Dayton, Ohio
Where did they test their gliders? Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Men wanting to fly tried first to imitate ____________. birds
The Wright brothers' lifelong hobby was to build ________________. a flying machine
Instead of flying, The Great Aerodrome slid into the _____________. water
The Wright brothers wrote to the _______________ Institution for information about flying. Smithsonian
Some of their ideas came from books written by _____________ and ______________. Langley; Chanute
After corresponding with him, the Wright brothers and ____________ became friends. Chanute
True or False: The last one hundred years have shown many changes in travel. True
True or False: The Wright brothers made the first flight with an engine-powered machine in 1909. False; 1903
True or False: Orville and Wilbur sent a text message to their father telling him of their flight's success. False; telegram
True or False: After the 1903 flight, the Wright brothers were not eager to show their plane to anyone. True
True or False: The Wright brothers needed a diploma to keep others from stealing their idea. False; patent
True or False: When the Wright brothers offered their invention to the United States War Department, it was not immediately accepted. True
True or False: The army wanted proof that the plane could fly for a distance of 125 miles at 40 miles per hour with four men aboard. False; two men
True or False: The first military plane was bought by the army in 1909. True
True or False: The Wright brothers wanted to produce bicycles for the army. False; airplanes
True or False: A piece of Flyer cloth was taken to the moon by Samuel Langley. False; Neil Armstrong
Orville Wright was the pilot for the ____________ on December 17, 1903. Flyer
The Flyer flew twelve seconds for 120 feet at ______________, North Caroline. Kitty Hawk
The flyer had an engine and ______________, or blades driven by a machine. propellers
the army had given much money to _______________. Because of his failure, the army did not want to see the Wright brothers' plane. Langley
Air traffic _____________ help pilots safely take off and land their planes. controllers
Flyer II and Flyer III were improved _____________. airplanes
Created by: bgpalmers
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