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Colonization of USA

At the time of North America's discovery, what was its most valuable resource? Land
What seed did John Rolfe bring to America? Tobacco
What was the punishment for selling tobacco to foreigners? Death
What city was the first "boomtown" in America? Jamestown
Which group of people arrived 10 years after John Rolfe? The Pilgrims
What did the Puritan's life center around? Faith
More than _________% of all Americans can trace their ancestry back to the Mayflower. 10
How did the Indians help the Pilgrims concerning growing crops? They taught them to use fish as a fertilizer in the sandy soil.
Which city was the hub of the global economy during the colonization of America? Boston
Which commodity, during the colonization of America, fueled the global economy the way that oil does today? Timber
Who was the man that captured in a picture, the confrontation on King Street between British Red Coats and a group of unarmed men? Paul Revere
What was Paul Revere's occupation? Silversmith
What was the name of the picture by Paul Revere of the confrontation on King's Street. "The Bloody Massacre"
What was the main source of news during the colonization of America? The Boston Gazette
Who was the new post master mentioned in the movie America: A Story of US--Rebels Benjamin Franklin
What was the method of postal delivery Ben Franklin developed called? The Night Riders
England banned Colonists from settling to the west of what line? The Proclamation Line
What was the purpose of not allowing colonists to settle west of the Proclamation Line? To protect Native American Lands.
What did the firt settlers in the colonies do instead of planting crops? looked for gold and silver
The winter of 1609-1610 became known as ... The Starving Time
White indentured servants were used to grow which crop? Tobacco
How many colonies make up the Northern Colonies? 4
How many colonies make up the Middle Colonies? 4
How many colonies make up the Southern Colonies? 5
New Hampshire 1623 County of Hampshire in England
Massachuestts 1628 Large Hill Place
New York 1613 The Duke of York
Rhode Island 1636 Dutch for Red Island
Connecticut 1635 Algonquin word (Quinnehtukqut) meaning beside the long tidal river.
Pennsylvania 1681 William Penn's Father and the Latin word Sylvania which means Forest
New Jersey 1664 Isle of Jersey in England
Delaware 1638 Lord de la Warr
Maryland 1634 Queen Henrietta Maria of England
Virginia 1607 England's virgin Queen, Elizabeth I
North Caolina South Carolina 1653 1670 Carolus: Latin for Charles (Charles I of England)
Georgia 1733 England's King George II
Who is credited for finding Pennsylvania William Penn
Who is credited for finding Virginia John Smith
What were Paul Revere's famous words The British are coming!
The Pilgrims arriced at what became known as ... Plymouth
What was the name of the ship the Pilgrims arrived to America on? The Mayflower
Whom did John Rolfe marry Pochahontas
How long was John Rolfe's voyage to America? 2 months
Which group of people settled New York Dutch
How many people were in Jamestown when John Rolfe arrived? 60
How long was Tobacco an leading export for? 150 years
England repealed all taxes except on what item? tea
During the colonization period, the Puritans averaged how many children? 8
How many people were at the first Continential Congress? 56
Where did the Pilgrims land when they arrived in America? Plymouth
What town in 1692 was teh scene of some strange events. Salem, MA
In Salem, townspeople that committed serious crimes might have what done to them? Their nose or arm cut off
Who was the preacher that did a lot to excite the people against the ways of the devil? Cotton Mather
What were two ways to identify a witch? 1. Tie them up and throw them into deep water. If they floated they were a witch, if they sank they were not a witch. 2. Poke pins into a mole; if it hurts they are not a witch
Created by: Mrs. Hoyt