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AP American History

U.S. History terms and definitions. Chapters 1-4.

Leif Eriksson The first European to set foot in the New World, opening it up to vikings.
Chirstopher Columbus Persuaded Spanish monarchs to outfit him with ships. He seeked a new water route to the Indies but discovered the New World instead.
Henry the Navigator Third son of the king of Portugal. He was credited with the discovery of an all water route to India and opening schools that teach navigation.
Henry VIII King of England. Broke with the Roman Catholic Church in the 1530's, launching the English Protestant Reformation and making himself head of the church of England
Spanish Armada A mass of Spanish ships, Philip II of Spain gathered with his imperial gains to invade England. They were promptly defeated.
Proprietary Colony A colony given to a proprietor or company to govern.
Royal Colony A colony governed directly by the crown through a govnernor and council appointed by it.
Predestination The thought that God has determined, since the moment of creation, which souls will go to heaven and which will go to hell.
John Calvin A somber and severly religious leader that elaborated Martin Luther's ideas.
Mayflower Compact An agreement composed and signed by the pilgrim leaders to form a crude governmentand submit to the will of the majority under the regulations agreed upon.
Fundamental Orders of Conneticut In effect a modern constitution, which established a regime democratically controlled by the "substantial" citizens.
Purtitans Those who wanted to reform, or "purify", the Church of England.
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Willam Laud
William Bradford
Roger Williams
Lord Baltimore
Church of England (Anglican)
Indentrured Servant
Triangular Trade
The Regulators
James Oglethorpe
Glorious Revolution
Edmund Andros
Salem Witch Trials
John Cotton
Introduction of Slavery
Women in the Colonies
Iroquois Confederacy
New England Family Life
Slave Culture
Roanoke Island
Treaty of Tordesillas
Sir Fancis Drake
3 D's
Charter Colony
Tobacco's Role in Virginia
Martin Luther
New England Town Meeting
Charles I
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