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Chapter 10 vocab

key words from chapter 10

Nominating Conventions This is where party MEMEBERS choose the party's candidates instead of party LEADERS.
Jacksonian Democracy The period of expanding democracy in the 1820s and 1830s became known as this.
Democratic Party This is the political party that formed to support Jackson's candidacy in 1828.
John C Calhoun Andrew Jackson chose this man to be his running mate in the election of 1828. This man resigned before completing his term.
Spoils System This is when a politician gives governemnt jobs to his/her supporters.
Tariff of Abominations This is the high tax put on imported woolen goods. The tax angered the Southerners.
States' Rights Doctrine This stated that since the states formed the national government, the states power should be greater than the federal power.
Nullification Crisis This dispute came about as a result of some states claiming they had the power to nullify federal laws.
Indian Removal Act This was passed in 1830 authorizing the removal of Native Americans to lands west of the Mississippi River.
Andrew Jackson This man was a hero from the War of 1812. He became the "common man's" president in 1824.
Indian Territory This is land, located in present day Oklahoma, set aside for Native Americans to be removed to.
Worcester v Georgia This is a Supreme Court ruling from 1832 where it was decided that laws of Gerogia could NOT be enforced on the Cherokee Nation.
Trail of Tears This was the 800 mile forced march Cherokees were forced to take. About one-quarter of the Cherokee died on this trip due to disease, weather conditions and hunger.
Region This is a distinct area or section of a country.
Nullify This means to reject.
Ethnocentrism This is the belief that one's own culture is better than all others.
Assimilation The process by which a group becomes more like, or similar to, the dominant culture.
Suffrage These are voting rights.
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