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Industrialization and Urbanization

Andrew Carnegie shifted from making iron to making __________. Steel
Carnegie sold this iron bridge company and built a plant making steel near ______. Pittsburgh
A man named______ created a furnace that could turn______pounds of iron into steel in a matter of minutes. Henry Bessemer, 30,000
________became the biggest producer of steel and the richest man in America at that time. Andrew Carnegie
The US became the largest producer of______. Steel
In 1867, Rockefeller bought a _____ in Cleveland, OH. refinery
Rockefeller cut the price of kerosene so low that he_____money. lost
Rockefeller's _______ also lost money and were forced out of business. competitors
Rebates after a purchase, a payment is given back. Rockefeller made the railroad companies give him rebates on all oil shipped.
Trust a business organization formed with the intent to control an industry.
Pooling independent companies in the railroad industry deciding to share routes and practices.
By 1900 the US had one of the highest industrial accident rates. More than _____ were killed. 20,000
______ people were injured each year in US factories. 200,000
The was no______or benefits to cover workers. insurance
Many women worked in the _____industry. garment
The factories were so hot that they were called _________, and women received half the pay of men. sweatshops
Coal-mining-mule driving a boy drives a mule and cart out of the mine
breaker boy separates coal fom the slate
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