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US History

Form the beginning of exploration to the first English Bill of Rights.

What is the Colombian exchange? The movement of plant, animals, and diseases between hemispheres.
What is triangular trade? When cargo stops at three different points.(Africa to The Americas to Europe)
Why did tobacco save the colonies? * England was addicted to it * The soil was perfect for growing it * Everyone could grow it * It was a cash crop
What is a cash crop? crops sold for a profit
who was the governor of Jamestown? (who saved them) John Smith
What is the difference b/w indentured servants and slaves? Indentured servants owed work in exchange for the passage over to the New World. Slaves had no choice, they were just brought and told to work.
What was state church? When the government picked out the type of religion and church that everyone would got to and worship.
What is the difference b/w pilgrims and puritans? The pilgrims didn't think the church was separated enough from the state and wanted to break away, while the puritans wanted to stay with the church, but just wanted to make a few changes.
What is the Great Migration? Around 1640, when over 20 thousand come to the New World.
Who wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut? Thomas Hooker
What was the significance of the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut? It was the 1st majority rule, and made a representative government.
Who wrote the Mayflower Compact? The men Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower.
What was the significance of the Mayflower Compact? It made majority rule, and set up the 1st self government for the people.
Who founded Rhode Island? Roger Williams
Why were Rhode Island and Connecticut set up? b/c they wanted a different religion. They broke away from Massachusetts.
What is subsistence farming? when a farmer only grows enough crops to live on.
What were the middle colonies called? the breadbasket colonies
who were the middle colonies? NY,Penn,NJ, and Del
What were the southern colonies called? The Plantation colonies
What were the new England colonies called? Subsistence farming
Who estb. Penn? William Penn
Why and who estb. Maryland? For Catholics- by Lord Baltimore
what determines the ranks of the people? Land ownership
What pamphlet did Ben Franklin write? Poor Richard's Almanac
What is the difference of the GA and the En? The GA was a religious movement that stressed emotion, while the En was a scientific and reason movement
What was John Lock's philosophy? People have rights:life, liberty, and property. People create a govt. to protect their rights,so people can change the govt.
How did the GA change society? It said that everyone is equal in the eyes of God
What did the Magna Carta do? It limited the power of the King,
What yr. was the Magna Carta made? 1215
What yr. was the Eng. Bill of Rights made? 1689
Who is John Phillip Zengers? He was a man that stood trial for critizing a governor. The jury lets him go b/c he had a right to speak the truth. This was a precursor to the Freedom of Press.
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