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WWI Questions

Am History

Why were so many countries involved in WWI? They had formed alliances
How did WWI affect the U.S. economy during the war? They made a lot of money of the war by selling war supplies to the Allies and producing war goods.
What type of warfare was used during WWI? Trench Warfare
What did the Treaty of Versailles say that Germany had to do when the war was over? Pay reparations to the Allies and lose some of their land.
How was the US involved in the war before they actually sent troops to fight? They had sold weapons and supplies to the Allies and had loaned Great Britain money to assist in the war.
What was the convoy system? Ships carrying weapons to the Allies were surrounded by destroyer ships to protect them against U-Boats.
Why did the US send troops into WWI? Russia had dropped out, the sinking of the Lousitania, Zimmerman Note, unrestricted submarine warfare, and they needed the Allies to win to get their loans repaid
What was the League of Nations supposed to do? Make sure countries kept the peace
What were the Espionage and Sedition Acts suppose to do? Limit freedom of speech
What happened to Germany's economy once the war was over? They had little money left, people were broke
Why did US senators not agree to sign the Treaty of Versailles? They did not like the way Article 10 was written and were scared it would draw the U.S. into another war.
What was trench warfare like? It was a continuous front that went on forever and it soldiers faced horrible conditions in there.
What happened once the American soldiers entered the war? The Allies started winning.
What did propaganda do during the war? Told people to support the war, get involved in the war efforts and convinced them to hate Germany.
What was the problem with the League of Nations? The U.S. never backed it because they did not sign the Treaty of Versailles, so it never had enough power to be effective
What was the Selective Service Act? It created a draft to increase the amount of men serving in the military during the war.
What did an interventionist believe? The U.S. should be directly involved in another country's issues.
What did an isolationist believe? The U.S. should stay out of other country's issues.
What internationalist believe? The U.S. should stay out of war but still be involved in other country's issues.
What was the Great Migration? Af. Americans moved to the North from the South to find work and make a better life for their families.
What group was treated harshly during WWI? German Americans
How did women gain rights during this time period? They were able to fill jobs that men left behind and gained the right to vote.
When soldiers came back from war, what happened? Women and African Americans lost their jobs to returning men soldiers.
What caused WWI? Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism, Imperialism, and the Assassination of Francis Ferdinand?
What was an Alliance? When countries formed partnerships to help one another out in a time of need.
What was Imperialism? When larger countries took over other countries to gain more land and power
What was Nationalism? Pride in one's country.
What was Militarism? Building up a country's military
What was the final spark that led to WWI? The future leader of Austria Hungary, Francis Ferdinand, was assassinated by a Serbian group.
What was Alsace-Lorraine? Land that Germany and France fought over.
Created by: Ensmingern