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US History Unit 1 SG

Grade 8 Unit 1 Study Guide: Arrival in a New World

Which mountain range prevented the 13 Colonies from expanding westward? Appalachian Mountains
Which colonial region was most suited to agriculture and why? Southern, because it has the warmest climate and the most fertile soil.
Which region was the least suited to agriculture and why? New England, because it had the coldest climate and the rockiest soil.
What are some reasons why someone from England might want to colonize North America? Political Freedom, Adventure, Cheap Land, Religious Freedom.
Maryland, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania were founded for reasons of ____?____ freedom, while Virginia, North Carolina and New York were founded for ___?___ reasons. Religious, Economic
Maryland was settles by ___?___ who wanted religious freedom and Pennsylvania was settled by ___?___ who wanted the same thing. Catholics, Quakers
The Dutch settled in ___?___ because it had a good harbor for trade and they could gain from this economically. New York City
Which area received the largest percent of African slaves? Caribbean colonies
How were slaves and free blacks alike in the political world of Colonial America? Neither group had any power and could not vote
Each of the Colonial Regions had their own unique ___?___ which led to differences between each of the regions. Geography
North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, New York and Massachusetts Bay colonies were colonized rapidly because they were located on... the Atlantic coast
The Puritans settled in the __?__ region. The Catholics settles in the __?__ region. New England, Southern
The English sought to protect their North America interests by establishing __?__ in _?_. It became the first permanent English colony in North America. Jamestown, 1607
Why did the representative government grow in the 13 Colonies? The population of the 13 Colonies became too large that they had to elect a representative to speak for them.
Place these founding documents in order: Declaration of Independence Mayflower Compact Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Bill of Rights Mayflower Compact, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights
What was our first written constitution in the English Colonies? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
What is a characteristic of the Virginia House of Burgesses that contributed to the growth of representative government? Representatives were elected by the people.
Who helped John Smith and the other Jamestown colonists survive the difficult climate of Virginia? Pocahontas
Who were the Pilgrims, Puritans, and the Quakers? They traveled to America for religious freedom.
Which major historical era have we been studying? Exploration and Colonization
Why was slavery so important to the Southern Colonies? It gave them a cheap source of labor that they could use to grow cash crops and make a lot of money.
The Translantic Slave Trade began when planted in the __?__ needed cheap labor. Southern Colonies
Created by: SandraT19
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