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american promise 11

What was the Market Revolution? Expanded economy/market boost. Changes in transportation, banking, and opportunities for working women. Nation's money supply enlarged. New economic behavior
What new ways of travel lowered the price of travel? Steamboats, canals and finally railroads. Steamboats being the most popular.
Who and when were the two sisters who preached about the evils of slavery? Grimke sisters in 1837. Major impact on the roles of women in both politics and social reform.
What did the introduction of new ways of transportation offer? Transport goods, young and old people alike to new employment, also the spread of political information throughout the country.
Regulations on steamboats? Safety because there were too many accidents resulting in thousands of deaths. Also environment, steamboats were the first source of air pollution.
Erie canal's significance? Linked the port of NY with the Great Lakes region making NY the premier commercial city.
Railroads, canals and steamboats contribution? Advances in transportation unified the country culturally and economically [manufacture]
Lowell Mills significance? employed more than 5k women and was a center of sll cloth production
How did banks stimulate the production of the economy? Making loans to merchants and manufacturers, and by enlarging the money supply
What is specie payment? transaction of a note traded in at the bank for hard money such as gold/silver
What was the revolution in commercial law? Politicians movement to enhance the prospect of private investment
Hoping to create regional markets for goods, Pennsylvania and New York in the 1810s commenced major state–sponsored canal enterprises
What happened as a consequence of states’ rewriting their laws of incorporation beginning in 1811? The number of corporations skyrocketed
What did incorporations do? Protected individual investors from being held liable for corporate debts
What did Jackson supports believe about government granted privileges? Ending them was the only way to maximize liberty and economic opportunity
Why did some Americans blame the second Bank of the United States for the panic of 1819? It had failed to control state banks.
The 1828 election inaugurated what change in American politics? A less formal campaigning style
In the 1830s, issues were defined, and political personalities publicized, by partisan newspapers
What was the panic of 1819? Large scale economic downturn. Rapid consumer demand stimulated price increase resulting in inflation.
What brought America back on top after the panic? Increase in productivity, consumer demands for good and international trade
Jackson's political tactics? Championed ordinary citazens against the elite, started the argument democracy or aristocracy. Politicians needed to have stuff in common with the voters.
Why was the presidential election of 1828 different? First election to which popular vote determined the outcome.
Jackson supporters were - Adams supporters were - Jackson - Democrat. Adams - Whigs
What did voters use to influence their choice between jackson and adams? The election of 1828 was the first time where scandels and character questions reigned supreme in influence.
Between 1830 and 1832 thousands of northern white women sent petitions to Washington to protest the Indian Removal Act.
In 1827 the Cherokee tribe of Georgia wrote a constitution modeled on what document? The U.S. Constitution
What did the Supreme Court rule in the 1832 case of Worcester v. Georgia? The Cherokee were a separate nation within Georgia.
In the Jacksonian era, ideas about gender relations revolved around the notion that husbands and wives had separate spheres of activity
Jackson favored a ___ government Jeffersonian limited federal gov. anything that benefited wealthy investors
Unlike Jefferson, jackson... used his veto power against congress. He used it 12 times, more than the previous presidents combined
Jackson's goal was to open opportunities for all men by open land for white settlement thereby forcing the relocation of native americans
What did proslavery congressmen hope to suppress with their 1836 “gag rule”? Antislavery petitions in Congress
How did Andrew Jackson characterize Indians? Subjects of the United States
What undermined Martin Van Buren’s chance for a second term as president? His inability to end the economic depression
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