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President pro tempore presiding officer of Senate who serves when vice president is absent
indictment charging a person with an offense
quorum minimum number of members that must be present to conduct sessions
adjourn to suspend a session
immunity privledge members cannot be sued or prosecuted for anything they say in Congress
emoluments salaries
bill draft of a proposed law
revenue income raised by government
resolution legislature's formal expression of opinion
naturalization procedure by which a citizen of a foreign nation becomes a citizen of the United States
tribunal a court
letter of marque authority given to a citizen to outfit an armed ship and use it to attack enemy ships in time of war
reprisal taking by force property or territory belonging to another country or to its citizens
insurrection rebellion
appropriations funds set aside for a specific use
emolument payment
impost tax
duty tax
original jurisdiction authority to be the first court to hear a case
appellate jurisdiction authority to hear cases that have been appealed from lower courts
treason violation of the allegiance owed by a person to his or her country, for example, by aiding an enemy
extradition surrender of a criminal to another authority
amendment a change to the Constitution
ratification process by which an amendment is approved
quarter to provide living accommodations
probable cause police must have a reasonable basis to believe a person is linked to a crime
warrant document that gives police particular rights or powers
common law law established by previous court decisions
bail money that an accused person provides to the court as a guarantee that he or she will be present for a trial
majority more that half
devolve to pass on
abridge to reduce
insurrection rebellion against the government
emanicipation freedom from slavery
apportionment distribution of seats in House based on population
vacancy an office or position that is unfilled or unoccupied
president-elect individual who is elected president but has not yet begun serving his or her term
District of Columbia site of nation's capital, occupying an area between Maryland and Virginia
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