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1st 9 week midterm

Georgia Studies 1st 9 week midterm

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War Georgia still needed support from England
The French and Indian War led to the American Revolution because debt caused the king to impose taxes.
The Proclamation of 1763 stopped colonist from moving west of the Appalachian mountains and moved Georgia's southern boundary to the St. Mary's River.
The Townshend Act, Stamp Act, and Sugar Act were all causes of the American Revolution.
The intolerable acts did NOT place a curfew on the citizens of Massachusetts.
The intolerable acts pushed the colonists to war because they were angry at the ridiculous rules and wanted them ended.
Why did the Declaration of Independence lead to war? The colonist now had to fight to gain their independence that the document stated they had.
Three Georgian's who signed the Declaration of Independence. George Walton, Lyman Hall, & Button Gwinett
First victory in Georgia during American Revolution Kettle Creek
Why did Georgia not have as much "anti-British" feelings as the other colonies during the Revolutionary War period? Georgia was the youngest colony and still needed lots of support from Great Britain.
Nancy Hart Legendary heroine of the Revolutionary war from Georgia.
Elijah Clarke militia leader who defeated British at Battle of Kettle Creek.
The Battle of Kettle Creek was important because... morale for colonist improved - they took needed weapons and horses from the British.
The siege of Savannah resulted in The British remaining in control of the city.
Austin Dabney black soldier seriously wounded in the Battle of Kettle Creek.
Patriots were colonist willing to fight for freedom.
Georgians boycotted British goods such as paint and tea because England had placed a tax on the goods.
Purpose of the Declaration of Independence end political connection between colonists and Great Britain.
Propaganda Ideas spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause.
Why did King George tax the colonists? Pay for war debt.
Georgia was no longer considered a royal colony in 1776 because... it declared independence from Britain.
Loyalist Americans who supported Great Britain
Austin Dabney was singled out by the state of Georgia because he was the only slave to fight in the battle of Kettle Creek.
The French and Indian War expanded the boundaries of the British American Colonies.
What two countries wanted the Ohio River valley? France and Britain.
The Okefenokee swamp is important to Georgia because... it is a national wildlife refuge and wetland preserve.
Georgia's Barrier Islands Protect the beaches from erosion.
Georgia's climate impacts the states development by the year round climate is perfect for a variety of businesses and vacation spots.
Georgia's Piedmont region rolling farmland, most heavily populated region of Georgia
resource of Georgia's coastal plain fertile soil for farming.
States that border Georgia Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
The Archaic people moved frequently to find food.
Hernando de Soto First explorer to enter present day Georgia.
The spanish mission impacted native americans because they were forced to work for the spanish
Mercantilism allowed Great Britain too import fewer goods from other countries.
Major colonizers of the New World France, Spain, Great Britain
James Oglethorpe suggested forming colony for the poor because Oglethorpe had a friend who died in debtor's prison.
Tomochichi became friends with Oglethorpe and allowed settlers to land.
Mary Musgrove Interpreter between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
Malcontents were upset about land, slavery, and alcohol rules.
John Reynold's major accomplishment Court System
When Georgias land and slave rules changed... many colonist returned to Georgia.
When Trustees ruled the colony (1733-1752) There was no elected assembly to make laws.
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