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Areas 3,1,2 are located in the ___lobe? Parietal
The L and R thalami are separated by the __? 3rd ventricle
What group of fibers connects the pons and cerebellum? Middle cerebellar peduncle
The inferior colliculus is located? Tectum of the midbrain
Descending motor fibers regulate muscle tone through input to the ___ of the spinal cord. Gamma motor neurons
Define spinal segment? Segment of spinal cord where spinal nerve is directly attached
Comparing the composition of blood serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), CSF contains makedly less __ than does the serum. Protein
Tight junctions between choroidal epithelial cells is the basis of the _____? Blood brain barrier
What demyelinating disease is associated with elevated levels of gamma globulin in the CSF? Multiple Sclerosis
Failure of that embryonic event results in anencephaly? Failure of closured of Anterior Neuropore
In Arnold-Chiari malformation, CSF flow is blocked bc of displacement of ___? Cerebellum & Medulla
Name the two major arteries branching off the segmental spinal artery? Anterior and posterior radicular artery
What is the most common site of congenital aneurysm? Circle of Willis
The __ artery supplies the posterior lateral portion of the open medulla. Posterior Inferior Cerebellar
What deficits would likely occur with occlusion of the left posterior spinal artery after supplying the L5 spinal cord? Explain. None due to anastomosis bw the R and L posterior spinal arteries.
Which of the following may produce cerebral Ischemia? Hemorrhage, Emboli, Increased intracranial pressure
Name the type of hemorrhage caused by tearing of a meningeal artery or vein? Epidural
Name the type of hemorrhage caused by tearing the superior cerebral vein as it empties in the superior sagittal sinus? Subdural
Name the type of hemorrhage that would result in yellow CSF? Subarachniod
Name signs or symptoms of increased intracranial pressure? Lethargy, Nausea and vomiting, increased blood pressure ***NO INCREASED HEART RATE***
Name the area of diencephalon involved with cirdadian rhythms? Epithalamus
Name the are of diencephalon involved with autonomic and endocrine control? Hypothalamus
What thalamic nuclei PROJECTS specifically to the motor cortices? Ventral Lateral
What thalamic nuclei PROJECTS to areas 41, and 42? Medial geniculate
What thalamic nuclei RECEIVES afferents from sensory association cortices? Pulvinar
What thalamic nuclei RECEIVES afferents from the paleospinothalamic tract? Intralaminar and posterior complex
The L superior longitudinal fasciculus is interrupted. A deficit in what ability is likely affected? Speech
Name the source of afferents to areas 5 & 7 on the R: Association fiber from ____? R 3,1,2
Name the source of afferents to areas 5 & 7 on the R: Commissural fibers from ___? Left 5,7
Fibers in the consensual pupillary light response decussate in the ____? Posterior commissure
Which brainstem nuclei send info INTO the cerebellum? Reticular nuclei, lateral cutaneous nuclei, mesencephalic nuclei
Name the general sensory tracts which terminate (at last in part) on the reticular nuclei of the brainstem? Paleospinothalamic tract, Spinoreticular tract, ventral trigeminothalamic tract
Which pathway from the lower extremity carries proprioception integrated with information about the level of excitation of the lower motor neuron? Ventral spinocerebellar
The R neospinothamic tract originates in the ___ and terminates on the ____? L nucleus proprius. R ventral posterior lateral nucleus of the thalamus
The nerve cell bodies for fibers of the left dorsal spinocerebellar tract from the ___ which is located ____? Nucleus dorsalis. T1-L2,3
Consider an anterior cavitation of the central canal in the T10-L3 spinal cord. What areas of the body have a deficit in pain? Bilateral pain in T10-L3 dermatones
Hemidissection of R C2 spinal cord. What sensory deficits are expected in the R arm? Discriminating touch, Conscious proprioception
Hemidissection of R C2 spinal cord. What sensory deficits are expected in the L leg? Pain
Hemidissection of R C2 spinal cord. What sensory deficits are expected on the R cheek? Pain
Hemidissection of R C2 spinal cord. What sensory deficits are expected in the R C2 dermatome? Pain, Discriminating touch, conscious proprioception
Consider an occlusion of the anterior spinal artery at the T3 spinal cord. What areas will have a deficit in pain? R leg, L leg
Consider an occlusion of the anterior spinal artery at the T3 spinal cord. What areas will have a deficit in discriminating touch? No area of deficits listed
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