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Radiographic Lines

McGregor's Line Basilar Impression
Chamberlain's Line Basilar Impression
Macrae's Line Basilar Impression
Atlantodental Interspace (ADI) Lateral->3mm in adults or >5mm in children=Lig Instability
George's Line anterolisthesis or retrolisthesis
Posterior Cervical Line anterolisthesis or retrolisthesis
Retropharyngeal >7mm, if trauma=Hematoma, if not=Tumor
Cobb Scolisis*** Best
Risser-Ferguson Scoliosis
Ferguson's Angle 26-57° Lordosis
Meyerding's Grading Spondylolisthesis
Ullmann's Line Spondylolisthesis
Eisenstein's Method <15mm Canal Stenosis
Lumbosacral Disc Angle 10-15°
Lumbar Gravity Line aka Ferguson's Line Facet
Macnab's Line Facet
Hadley's "S" Curve Facet
Kohler's Line protrusio acetabuli-Rheumatoid Arthritis
Shenton's Line Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
Klein's Slipped capital femoral epiphysis ***Best
Skinner Slipped capital femoral epiphysis, fracture or coxa vara
Iliofemoral Line Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
Femoral Angle Aka Mikulicz's Angle <120°: Coxa Vara >130°: CoxaValga
Patellar Position patella alta
Heel Pad Measurement acromegaly
Boehler's Angle <28° calcaneal fracture or dysplastic calcaneus
Created by: brachman