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Ortho SPEC

Test NamePurpose of Test
Bakody's IVF Encroachmant
Foraminal Compression Nerve Root Compression
Jackson Nerve Root Compression
Maximal Cerv Compression Nerve Root Compression
Distraction Test less pain =Nerve Root Compression/More pain =Strain Sprain
Shoulder Depression Nerve Root Adhesion
Spurling Space Occupying Lesion
Valsalva Space Occupying Lesion
Naffzinger Space Occupying Lesion
Dejerin'e Triad Space Occupying Lesion
Soto Hall Anterior=Fracture Posterior=Ligaments
Rust Sign Cerv Instability
Barre-Lieou VBAI
Maigne's VBAI
DeKleyn's VBAI
Allen's Artery Occlusion
Adson's Cervical Rib
Halstead Cervical Rib
Modified Adson's Subclavian Artery/Scalenus Medius Syndrome
Eden's Compression btw 1st rib and clav
Wright's Pect Minor
Reverse Bakody TOS
Bikele TOS, Brachial Neuritis
Roos TOS
Apley's Rotator Cuff
Codman's Supraspinatus
Apprehension Chronic Shoulder Dislocation
Dugas' Shoulder Dislocation
Dawbarn's Subacromial Bursitis
Hawkin's Kennedy Shoulder Impingement
Yergason's Bicipital Tendon Instability
Obrien's Labral SLAP
Cozen's Lateral Epicondylitis
Mill's Lateral Epicondylitis
Reverse Cozen's Medial Epicondylitis
Tinel's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Phalen's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Fromet's Ulnar Nerve Palsy
Finkelstein's DeQuervains
Bracelet Reumatoid Arthritis
Schepelmann's Pain on the concave side is Intercostal Neuralgia; Pain on convexity is Pleurisy or Myofascitis
Lasegue Sciatica
Bragard's Sciatica
Sicard's Sciatica
Minor Sciatica:Seated
Turyn's Sciatica
Bowstring Sciatica Best***
Linder Sciatic of Nerve Root
Ely Prone: Nerve root
Fajerstazn's Medial Disc
Becterew's Disc; Posteromedial disc if pain when good leg raised: Seated
Millgram's Space Occupying Lesion
Goldthwait's 0-30 SI, 30-60 L/S, 60-90 L or contra SI
Bonnet's Piriformis
Belt (Supported Adam's) SI or L
Kemp's Indicates: Posteromedial disc: + Kemp's away from painful side. Posterolateral disc: + Kemp's into painful side
Neri's Bowing Tight Hamstrings
Nachlas Prone: L/S
Gaenslen's Supine: SI
Hip Abduction Stress Side Lying: SI
Lewen-Gaenslen's Side: SI
Iliac Compression Side:SI
Hibb's Prone: SI
Nachlas Prone: SI
Yeoman's Prone: SI
Patrick's/ FABERE Hip
Laguerre Hip
Thomas Hip flexion Contracture=Psoas
Allis Posterior displaced femoral head or femur shortening/Congenital Hip Dysplasia
Telescoping Congenital Hip Dysplasia
Ortolani's Congenital Hip Dislocation/Dysplasia
Barlow's Congenital Hip Dysplasia
Ober's TFL contracture
Ely's Rect Femoris Contract/Hip/Psoas/Lumbar
Trendelenberg Glut Medius Weakness
Abduction/Valgus-Adduction/Varus Stress Medial/Lateral Collateral Ligament
Apley's Distraction Prone: Collateral Ligament- heel points to side tested
Drawer ACL/PCL
Slocum ACL & MCL (external) or LCL (internal
Lachman's ACL
Posterior Sag Sign PCL
McMurray Supine:Heel points to meniscus: Best Meniscus****
Apley's Compression Prone: Meniscus Heel points towards side being tested
Bounce Home Meniscus
Fouchet's Patellar Tracking
Apprehension Test-Patella Chronic Patellar Dislocation
Anterior Foot Drawer Anterior Talofibular Ligament Instability.
Medial/Lateral Stability Test Indicates: During inversion- Anterior talofibular or calcaneofibular ligament tear. During eversion - Deltoid ligament tear
Thompson's Test/Simmond's Test Achilles Tendon
Burns Bench Malingering
Hoover's Malingering
Magnusson's Malingering:"Magnet" to same spot
Mannkopf not malingering
Chest Expansion <2"
Forrestier's Bowstring AS-Lewin's Supine
Amoss AS
Swallowing Test AS, DISH
Brudzinski's Meningeal: B=Buckling
Kernig's Meningeal: K=Kicking
Guillands Meningeal
Gower's Sign Muscular Dystrophy
Lhermitte's Sign MS
Libman's Pain Threshold
O'Donohue's Indicates: Sprain if pain during passive ROM. Indicates: Strain if pain during active ROM
Mittlemeyer's Vestibular problem
Barany Vestibular problem
Created by: brachman