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Civil War

Unit 2 Leading to and the Civil War

The Missouri Compromise was also known as The Compromise of 1820
The Missouri Compromise Kept the balance of power equal between slave and free states by bringing in Missouri and Maine
Bleeding Kansas Violent era in Kansas history as both pro-slavery and anti-slavery activists flooded Kansas to vote on the issue of slavery
The Kansas-Nebraska Act Instituted Popular Sovereignty
The Compromise of 1850 Brought California in as a free state Instituted the Fugitive slave law Remain western lands would vote on slaver
First State to Secede from the Union South Carolina
States that followed S. Carolina Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana,
The First Battle of Bull Run Won by the Confederacy Stonewall Jackson credited with securing the victory
Significance of the First Battle of Bull Run North realized they would not win easily and were not prepared for the war. The South became too confident.
The Fugitive Slave law Forced escaped slaves to be returned to the southern owners even if they were in a free state
Dred Scott decision The Supreme Court voted that Dred Scott was not a citizen and therefore was not entitled to the rights of a citizen, also struck down the Missouri Compromise
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy
Robert E Lee Commanding General of the Confederacy
Grant Commanding General of the Union and future president
Sherman ruthless soldier led the Union to take Atlanta and destroyed much of the deep south in order to finally end the war.
Andrew Stevens Voted vice-president of the Confederacy, Georgian who opposed seceding from the Union.
Gettysburg Lee in Gettysburg looking for a supply of shoes. Surprise meeting of Lee's troops with a Union Scouting party. 3 day battle, turning point for the war. Eventually led to the North's victory.
Battle of Atlanta Led by Sherman ending in the complete destruction of the city a major railroad city for the south, devastating blow to the south.
Emancipation Proclamation Issued following the Battle of Antietam. Lincoln's last hope to stop the war, also gave the north a new cause to fight for.
Emancipation Proclamation Only freed slaves in the south did not free slaves in border states or in Federally held areas.
Main leaders of the South Top 1% including plantation owners and planters.
Main leaders of the North Factory and Railroad owners.
Election of 1860 4 candidates ran. Lincoln got less than 60% of the vote.
Popular sovereignty Allowing the citizens of states apply for statehood to vote on the issue of slavery.
The North's plan was to block southern ports and gain control of the Mississippi in order to divide the south.
Blacks in the Union army were treated with inferior medical care, received lower pay through most of the war, were given mundane jobs and were commanded only by white officers.
Created by: Mrs. Tims