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10th US History

Chapter 6 Worksheet #2 Questions

1. How did most Englishmen feel about the war against American colonies? They thought that they should not be at war against the colonies.
2. What term describes the colonial supporters of the British during the War for Independence? Loyalists or Tories
3. What was the major reason that the colonists lost the Battle of Bunker Hill? They ran out of ammunition.
4. Explain why George Washington was a good selection as commander in chief? He would help link the Patriot cause in New England with the rest of the country. During the French & Indian war he became a local hero. His greatest strength was his commanding presence, coolness under fire, and his keen ability to lead and inspire.
5. What was the purpose of the Olive Branch Petition? To pledge loyalty to the king and to request his intervention in curbing Parliament's abusive exercise of power.
6. What did "Common Sense" advocate? American independence from Britain
7. How many men signed the Declaration of Independence? 56
8. Why did George Washington attempt to defend New York? So that the Patriots would see his bravery and stand behind him in other battles.
9. What was a Hessian? a German mercinary
10. Briefly describe the condition of the American men leading up to the Battle of Trenton. They were very discouraged and were unwilling to re-enlist.
11. Why was Princeton such an important victory for Washington? It gave Americans hope and made the men want to re-enlist in the army.
12. What act of treason did Benedict Arnold agree to perform? He plotted with the British to turn over West Point to them 20,000 Lira.
13. What was Benedict Arnold's life like after the war? He lived financially comfortably in Britain, but he was shunned by British society. He died unhappy in London in 1801.
14. I LOVED reading p.124 about John Paul Jones. What is his very famous quote? "I have not yet begun to fight."
15. How did the Swamp Fox help the war effort? He and his men attacked British outposts and supply lines.
16. After reading about Nathanael Greene, why was it so important for him to reach the Dan River before the British? I the Continentals got there first, the Dan would cut off the British pursuit.
17. What admiral helped trap Cornwallis at Yorktown? What was his nationality? Admiral de Grasse French
18. When was the Treaty of Paris signed compared to the end of the war? 1783, after the battle at Yorktown.
19. Who were the American negotiators for the Treaty? Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, John Adams
Something Interesting from this section The Battle of King's Mountain was fought on the mountain where I go horseback riding with my Aunt Teresa.
Created by: LiseBrinkley