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Career and Lifestyle Development

Assessment The purpose of assessment is to clarify self-knowledge and stimulate career exploration
Name 3 types of assessment that are popular in schools and rehab settings? Interest, values, personality, aptitude, intelligence, achievement, etc.
Who created a decision making model with 3 systems: predictive, valuing, and decision model? Gelatt
What is a drawback to career assessment? People expect quick answers - alleviated with informed consent and proper orientation
What are the three steps in Parson's trait factor theory model? Know self, know job choices, and use reason to compare the two
Who developed the need/press theory? Hoppick
Who applied social learning theory to career assessment? Krumboltz
What is the spillover effect? Life and job satisfaction are closely related
What is the compensatory effect? Compensate for poor job satisfaction by trying to achieve high life satisfaction
List the 6 parts to the Holland Typology: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional
What is a career ladder? A series of jobs within an organization with increasing complexity and diverse skill requirements designed to prepare workers for upward mobility and greater responsibility
What is a career lattice? A series of jobs within an organization that allows upward or lateral transfers can include ladders, lateral transfers are good b/c workers can develop skills when upward mobility is limited.
The self-directed search and the Strong Interest Inventory are related to: Holland
Fields and levels are associated with ____. Anne Roe
List as many of Super's life roles: Child, student, leisurite, citizen, worker, spouse, homemaker, parent, pensioner, etc.
___ and___ were group tests during WWI. Army Alpha and Beta
Arrange Super's life stage structure: decline, establishment, exploration, growth, maintenance. Growth, Exploration, Establishment, Maintenance, Decline
Trait-factor theory is often called ___. Minnesota View-point
___ provides exercise, diversion, opportunity to demonstrate competence or skills not associated with employment. Leisure
List the career patterns developed by Super. Convention, Multi-trial, Unstable, and Stable.
Super's conventional career pattern: Have several jobs until you find a stable one
Super's Multiple-trial career pattern: Have lots of jobs until they pick a really good one
Super's Unstable career pattern: hops from entry-level to entry-level position
Explain the similarities and differences between career and employment decision-making. Both involve knowledge of self, occupations, and applying decision making skills and cognitive process, and occur over time (not all at once). Career is future-oriented with remote potential for failure. Employment is short-term and more anxiety-provoking
Explain Super's stable career pattern Job is permanent, may be chosen early, typically highly skilled, trained, and educational people.
Explain Supers developmental life tasks in order. Crystallization-pick a voc in an area of interest, Specification-move from tentative to a specific area, Implementation-secure training and employment, Stabilization-actually working, Consolidation-establish self in a career.
How is discrimination applicable to career assessment? Not allowing application for work or education or systematically not providing and individual opportunities for mentoring or gaining knowledge.
Explain the similarities and differences between dual worker couples and dual career couples. Both have 2 wage earners. Career couple has a greater likelihood of holding professional positions, continued employments, and increased importance place on value of work.
Describe the difference between interactive and non-interactive media Interactive is non-linear b/c the individual maintains partial control over selection, more motivating, but expensive. Non-interactive is linear-influences by the selection and sequence of info, extensive knowledge with moderate cost.
Created by: harrisonc1
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