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Chapter 5

The Middle Ages

Middle Ages/Medieval Times It lies between ancient and modern times
Feudal System/Feudalism A form of government in Medieval Europe
Fief The land that a vassal got from the king/lord
Investiture Ceremony The ceremony where the vassal received his fief and swore fealty to the king
Knights Medieval horse soldiers, addressed as sir
Tournaments Mock battles
Maces Heavy metal clubs used by a knight
Jousting Two knights rode straight at eachother holding lances to try unseat his opponent
Hawking Knights used specially trained birds of prey to hunt down other birds
Motte and Bailey One of the earliest type of castles, quick and easy to build
Disadvantages of a Motte and Bailey Usually small and cramped,the wood in them would rot over time and they could be burned if attackers shot flaming arrows at them! soon replaced with longer-lasting stone.
Moat A deep ditch around the castle sometimes containing water
Turrets Towers built along the outer walls
Barbicans Extra Strong towers built next to the entrance
The Keep A strong tower within the walls, at the heart of the castle where the lord and his family stayed
Bailey/Bawn An open courtyard inside the outer walls containing, the servants'houses,stables and other buildings
Porticullis An iron grid which got lowered to keep the enemies out
Garderobe An indoor toilet in the stone castles
Manor The lord's estate
Lady of the Manor The lord's wife
A Wimple A lady's head scarf
Peasants Poor country people
Freemen Paid rent to the lord but owed him no other duties
Serf/Villeins They belonged to the lord and his manor and could not leave without his permission. Paid rent by giving crops or animals to the lord
Tithes One-tenth of their crops
A Charter A special document from the king/Queen
The Mayor The town corporation leader
Black Death A deadly plague that spread rapidly carried by fleas borne by rats. Its called 'Black Death' because of the big black boils you get when you have it
Fire Curfew All fires has to be put out by sunset
Constable The town would elect a person to be the 'constable' to enforce all the laws
The Watch The constable was helped by a group who were giving the name 'The Watch' because they were constantly watching out for a crime being committed
Guild An organisation that controlled each craft
Bayeaux Tapestry An old Norman tapestry that depicts the story of the Norman invasion of England. Designed and made after the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when the Normans defeated the English.(a valuable primary historical source).
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