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Chapter 2

Life in the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire Rome and all the lands it controlled
The Forum The main market place in Rome - situated at the heart of Rome
The Circus Maximus The stadium for chariot racing (holding 250,000 people!!!)
Aqueducts Bridge-like structures that carried water into the city
Triumphal Arches. (ex:The Arch of Constantine) Decorated with victorious war scenes
Tunic Long, dress-style clothing worn by the roman men and women
Toga Long white sheets that would drape over the body
Stola An ankle-length dress worn by a women who was married
Palla A rich women type of shawl
Cena The evening meal
Vomitorium The room in the house where they would get sick from eating/drinking too much
Insulae A block of apartment that were poorly built with poor heating and insulation
Domus A fine town-house where rich families would live
Villas A big country house where rich families would live
Atrium A rectangular area past the hall with an opening in the roof
Impluvium A shallow pool
Peristylium Shaded garden/patio area
Patricians Rich ruling-class
Julius Caesar A famous Roman leader
Carpenters Made timber furniture
Coopers Made wooden barrels
Tanners Made leather from animal skin
Mural An ancient painting
Gladiator Contests The contests took place in the Colosseum with specially trained gladiators fighting each other or wild animals to the death
Chariot Racing The racing took place in the Circus Maximus with four teams competing in the seven lap, horse race, with a good chance of dying by falling off your steed and getting trampled on by a stampede
Spina The central barrier in the Circus Maximus which the racers race around.
Tepidarium The warm room in the bathhouse
Caldarium The steamy room in the bathhouse
Frigidarium The cold room in the bathhouse
Paterfamilias The father of the household
Mars, the God of?.. War.
Venus, the Goddess of?.. Love.
Pantheon A beautiful temple built to honour the gods
Hades The underworld where people thought your spirit went when you died
Charon The ferryman that rowed the dead body through the River Styx
A Litter A portable bed where dead people were put - Carried by 8 men
Cremated Burned to ashes after death
Professional Wailers People who were paid to cry loudly for the dead person at a funeral
Mourners People who mourned for the death of the person at a funeral
Torch Carriers People who carried torches at a funeral
Catacombs Christian burial tunnels
Legions A unit of many men
Centurians The commander of a century in the Roman army
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