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Belief or attitude that native people should be preferred over immigrants Nativism
Large run down apartment building that people called home Tenements
What do anarchists believe? They don't believe in the government
One main way people could get into the United States even with the Chinese Exclusion Act? Family ties within the United States
What are scabs? People who replace the workers that go on strike
Philanthropy Emphasis on charity and the donation of money to help humanity
Which person used horizontal consolidation? Rockefeller
Which person used vertical consolidation? Carnegie
What did settlement houses do? Places for the less fortunate to go; it was like a homeless shelter
Main point of entry for immigrants on the east side of the United States Ellis Island
Why specifically was the Chinese Exclusion Act written? Because jobs were being taken away from the Chinese due to their race
What did the Bessemer process do? Made the manufacturing of steel cheaper and easier
Which person had a rages to riches story or started out poor? Carnegie
Angel Island is located off the coast of what state? California
Immigrants entering through the east coasts wwent through three broad tests, what were they? Physical health test, mental test, background/legal check
Ghetto Poor area where a specific race lives within that area
Three end results that could happen to an immigrant when they were processed on Ellis or Angel Island Deported, become an American citizen, or were held there
The invention of barbed wire contributed to the lessened or end of what? Ranching
What economic group lives in suburbs? The wealthy upper class
Who used a monopoly to get ahead in life? Rockefeller
In United States history terms, what is an alien? An illegal/foreign immigrant
Monopoly Complete control of a product or service
Chinese Exclusion Act Law passed in 1882 that prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the country
Social Darwinism Theory, derived from Darwin's theory of natural selection, that society should do as little as possible to interfere with people's pursuit of success
Interchangeable parts A system of manufacturing in which all parts are made to an exact standard for easy mass-assembly
Suburbs Residential communities surrounding a city
Plessy Vs. Ferguson 1896 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation was legal as long as the separate facilities were equal for both races
Assimilation Process by which people of one culture merge into and become part of another culture
Homestead Act 1862 law that offered 160 acres of western land to settlers
Cartel Loose association of businesses that make the same product
Bonanza Farms Farms controlled by a large business and managed by professionals
Segregation Forced separation
Anarchists Radicals who violently oppose all government
Dry farming Techniques used to raise crops in areas that receive little rain
Vaudeville Variety show that featured acts such as comic sketches and song-and-dance routines, popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's
Strikes Work stoppages intended to force an employer to meet certain demands, as for higher wages or better working conditions
Patent A license to make, use, or sell an invention
Piecework System in which workers are paid not by the hour but by what they produce
Labor Unions Organizations of workers formed to protect the interest of its members
Reservation Area that federal government set aside for Native Americans who had lost their homelands
Prejudice/Racism that existed during this birth of modern America The Chinese didn't get many jobs because people were racist against them.
What was city life like in that late 1800's and early 1900's? There were ghettos and people lived in tenements if they were a specific race other than White. They were discriminated against because of their race and lived in poorer living conditions.
What did factory work entail in the late 1800's and early 1900's? Long work hours, no one was regulating working conditions and making sure everything was safe.
Explain specific ways both Carnegie and Rockefeller impacted early America. Rockefeller started the standard oil company which is still used today. Carnegie invested in the steel company and became rich off of that.
Compare and contrast Angel Island and Ellis Island Angel Island had a lot longer of a waiting time, was more racist towards the Chinese immigrants, etc. Ellis Island had a waiting time but was much shorter, had tests necessary to get into the U.S. but weren't that rude to others while doing this process
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