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Important People

Important People in the American Revolution

Abigail Adams Wife of John Adams, known for stance on women's rights in letters to her husband
John Adams Member of the Continental Congress, strong supporter of independence
Samuel Adams Played a role in the many events that contributed to the American Revolution; organized opposition to the Stamp Act, leader of the Sons of Liberty
James Armistead African-American spy during the American Revolution; spied on Lord Cornwallis' camp at Yorktown
Crispus Attucks African- American who became the first casualty of the American when he was shot and killed at the Boston Massacre
Wentworth Cheswell Educated African- American Patriot, made the same midnight ride as Paul Revere warning that the British were coming
Benjamin Franklin Member of the committee who helped write the Declaration of Independence; negotiated the alliance with France and then the Treat of Paris which ended the war
Bernardo de Galvez Governor of the Spanish province of Louisiana, protected American ships in the port of New Orleans and helped transport war supplies and took up arms against the British in Louisiana
Patrick Henry Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, spoke against the Stamp Act; famous quote, "Give me liberty or give me death," during the American Revolution
Thomas Jefferson Delegate to the Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia and the chief writer of the Declaration of Independence
King George III King of England during the American Revolution, feared the loss of colonies would lead to the decline of his empire. Maintained an aggressive policy against colonial resistence
Marquis de Lafayette French Noble who helped Americans during the Revolutionary War. Important because France joined the Colonists against Britain
Thomas Paine Wrote Common Sense and American Crisis, urged Americans to support the Patriot cause during the American Revolution
Haym Solomon Polish Jew who spied for Americans and was held as a translator for the Germans by the British. Played an important role in financing the Revolution
Mercy Otis Warren Patriot writer that supported independence and convinced others to join the cause. First woman historian of the American Revolution, published plays, books, and poetry
George Washington A delegate to the First and Second Continental Congresses, commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution
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